Optus launches the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab $79 Power Pack

Optus have taken an aggressive approach to the Android market in Australia, pretty much from day one. Today, I received a little bit of news about a Galaxy S and Tab being sold (together) for $79 a month. Now that's not really anything massive, however, what you get with the deal is. This deal is basically Optus' standard $79 Cap, which comes with $900 of credit, 3GB of data and all your favourite social sites like Facebook and Twitter are free, a missing component is the unlimited TXT, however you just use the included $900 for... Continue reading

Network updates via Twitter for QLD flood areas

Everyone here at Ausdroid can't help but feel for all those affected by the horrible floods that have and still are affecting most of Queensland. If you wish to keep track of how our mobile networks are coping please check below for a list of Twitter accounts to keep up to date with outages and the status of QLD towers. Also if you wish to donate please hit up the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal page. Telstra Optus Vodafone Crazy John's Three If I have missed any accounts, throw us a line in the comments and we will update the post. Continue reading

Motorola Milestone 2 available on Optus Business for $59

Optus Business have just got it going on recently, although this time they've launched the Motorola Milestone 2 without any notice at all. The Milestone 2 (which we just reviewed) is available for $0 on their $59 cap (for ABN holders, obviously) which includes the usual $700 worth of txt and calls as well as 2GB of data and free access to all your favourite social networks to distract you from any work you were doing at the time. Oh and there's also 3 months free network access. Feel free to check out our Milestone 2 review... Continue reading

Galaxy S + Galaxy Tab bundle on Optus Business for $89

See, being a business man/woman is all about looking the part. Optus Business clearly understands this, so they've put together two of the classiest devices available, the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab for only $89 a month. Of course you will be swapping your SIM in and out of each device as you use them, but we hardly think that's a deal breaker here. The whole deal will set you back $2136 over two years and includes $700 of txt & calls as well as 2GB of data. You can check out our Galaxy Tab... Continue reading

HTC Aria receiving Android 2.2 in some parts of the world, Oz soon

HTC has just pushed out the Android 2.2 update to HTC Aria's in South-East Asia, meaning Australia surely can't be too far off. There aren't any specifics about what extras will be added to the device thanks to the update, eg HTCSense.com integration, but there will be all the speed boosts and full Flash 10.1 support. We're sure the update can't be too far away, but that doesn't mean Optus isn't going to take their time giving the update the okay. We'll keep you informed. Continue reading

Optus 7″ ‘My Tab’ prepaid tablet now available from BigW

May I announce the start of the Carrier Tablet wars, begun! Optus have launched their 7" Prepaid Tablet through BigW and retails for $279, which is $20 cheaper than Telstra's T-Touch Tab. The ZTE manufactured Tablet features a 7" resistive 800x480 display, 3G connectivity, WiFi, Android 2.1, 3MP rear-facing camera as well as VGA front-facing webcam. All the usual Google Applications, including the Android Market, are included and ready to go which is great to bring the full Android experience to a low-price Tablet device. Anyone looking to stick one of these in their Christmas stocking? You can check... Continue reading

What’s happening in December.. Besides Christmas

So we've made our way to the last month of 2010, December. Overall I think it's been a great year for Android in this country, a few exclusives here and there as well as a few secret launches throw in to keep us on our toes. Now it's time to wrap up the year with some (not much) of the stuff that should, would and could be happening this month. Hit the break to check it out. (more…) Continue reading

Sony Ericsson X8 available from BigW with a $199 price tag

If you haven't yet purchased a SE X8 from Dick Smith with their $249 price tag, you can always head to BigW and snap one up for just $199. The device is locked to Optus which will set you back $80 to unlock. According to the catalogue there is a limit of 1 per customer, though I wouldn't be expecting anyone to head in-store trying to buy 4 of them at a time. If the speaker on the X8 is anything like that of the ones of the X10 Mini series, it'll be a great little media device. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy 580 is the new arrive at Optus

This little device seems to have slipped through onto Optus's site pretty much unnoticed, well at least to us anyway. For some unbelievable reason this 3.2" low-spec device is available on Optus's $49 cap for $0 upfront, though more reasonably on the $19 cap with $5 monthly repayments. The Galaxy 580 is another variation of the Galaxy 5 that is currently available on Telstra Prepaid for only $199 and has the following specs. 3.2" 16M Capacitive Display 240x400 pixels 3MP Auto-focus Camera QVGA Video Recording WiFi b/g/n HSPA 900/2100MHz Just another phone released by Samsung to allow them to have their hand in every part... Continue reading

LG & Optus get into the Christmas spirit, free GPS kits for Optimus One

LG have just let me know that themselves and Optus have put together a little Christmas deal for all new customers getting the LG Optimus One which happily runs Android 2.2 with a 3.2" capacitive display. The Optimus One is available for $0 upfront on the $29 Optus cap, and they'll throw in a free GPS Kit (like Telechoice do) with added N-Drive GPS pre-installed, which seems a little redundant now doesn't it? Either way it's a pretty good deal for a fairly nice mid-range Android device, I mean they have sold 1,000,000+ Optimus One's worldwide. Head to... Continue reading

Dell Streaks from Optus able to update to Froyo now

I can't confirm myself that this update works as I just sold a Dell Streak that I had, though I've been reassured that it's the real deal. If you navigate your Android 1.6 powered Dell Streak from Optus to the following link (http://mobileupdate.dell.com/?version=GAUSB1A110100) it should send you on your way to Frozen Yoghurt goodness. If you have a Dell Streak running 1.6, we'd love for you to try it and tell us how you go. We're not responsible for any damage or anger brought upon your Dell Streak if things go badly, or you void warranty, or Optus doesn't... Continue reading

Android 2.1 being pushed out to Xperia X10 devices from Optus

Update: Update well and truly confirmed by every man and his dog. Cheers guys, have fun :) We've heard from a few people that they have received Android 2.1 on their Xperia X10s purchased from Optus. We haven't received any confirmation of this from Optus, though if you've received the update and you purchased your Xperia X10 from Optus we'd love to hear from you in the comments. If you purchased your device from MobiCity, your Android 2.1 update is already out. Checking for the update via the settings menu may work, or you can download SE's PC... Continue reading