Optus launches 4G Pre-Paid options

Optus has just announced the latest in their 4G plans, introducing pre-paid options for customers who own their own 4G compatible handset or as of Friday they will be be able to choose from two prepaid 4G mobile broadband device bundles a 4G USB dongle as well as a 4G portable WiFi modem that can connect up to ten devices over Wi-Fi. Mirroring offerings on their other plans, Optus is offering unlimited mobile access to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, Foursquare and LinkedIn as part of their pre-paid 4G bundles. Currently Optus has 4G coverage in... Continue reading

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Updates – Telstra, Vodafone in final review

Australian owners of Samsung's Galaxy S III have been waiting for the Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" update for their devices for some time. The Galaxy S III 4G recently launched here in Australia running Android 4.1, fueling speculation that the update for the older model device was imminent. Google originally released Android 4.1 into the Android Open Source Project repository in July. Four months later - and with Android 4.2 now on the horizon - the update is closer than ever, but it depends on your carrier. Let's take a look at the status of the update on... Continue reading

Sony Xperia Go — Review

The Sony Xperia Go is the active, tough and "rugged" member of the Xperia family. It features similar styling and features to Sony's other Xperia devices, but has the added benefit of being dust- and water-resistant. For people who require such a device, there are limited choices in the market short of encasing your phone in a bulky shell. We think the Xperia Go performs well without making too many compromises. The Go is a stylish, good-looking phone that's clearly a member of the Xperia family. The 3.5 inch screen has a resolution of 480x320 pixels, a... Continue reading

Virgin Mobile will not be ranging the Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 3G, Optus not looking likely

The list of carriers who could possibly support a release of either the Nexus 4 or the Nexus 7 3G is rapidly dwindling with Virgin Mobile now confirming that they will not be stocking either device. In regards to the Nexus 4 they advised : We can confirm that Virgin Mobile has no plans at this stage to stock the LG Nexus 4. When asked about the Nexus 7 3G they responded with : At this stage we don’t have any plans to stock any tablets, including the Nexus 7, but we do have mobile broadband tablet plans which can be... Continue reading

Optus expands 4G services to Brisbane and Gold Coast

With all this talk of LTE not being included on the Nexus 4 and a number of people pointing out the lack of coverage being a factor in this NOT being an issue for them, Optus has today advised that they are expanding their 4G network to include customers in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and also to the Brisbane CBD. Optus has switched on four 4G sites at Surfers Paradise and is also looking at switching on additional sites at Surfers Paradise in December. In Brisbane, Optus will switch on a further 5 sites next week before... Continue reading

Rumour: Galaxy Note II LTE (N7105) to launch on all three carriers in November

Last we heard about the availability of the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on Australian carriers was a possible launch on Optus in December. We're now hearing rumours that all three of the major carriers will launch the Galaxy Note II in November albeit as a staggered release with Optus first out of the gate offering it as of the 5th of November seemingly with a two week exclusive. Next up will be Vodafone launching it on the 19th of November followed a week later by Telstra on the 26th of November. The launch will be... Continue reading

Rumour: Optus testing LTE Galaxy Note II for December launch

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in late August got quite a few people I know excited and we've received many requests for information about when the phone/phablet/tweener will launch here in Australia on one of the 4G Networks here in Australia. From Mobicity and Kogan the 3G only version is available as low as $649 from Kogan but the 4G LTE version eluded us. Well, we've just had a tip from someone regarding the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. They've advised that Optus has already tested the phone on their LTE network and... Continue reading

Optus Android 4.0.4 rollout for HTC One X now underway

We received a tip this morning that Optus has begun rolling out Android 4.0.4 to its HTC One X devices. Optus' Update List still shows 4.0.4 as pending manufacturer deployment at the time of writing. The big change in 4.0.4 for the One X is the change to how the system handles the Menu button for old apps. Previously, running an old / non-ICS app would result in an ugly onscreen "black bar" menu key. This update instead maps the function into the Recent Apps / Multitasking key so apps can now use the full screen. HTC's previous advice on this... Continue reading

HTC Desire X launches exclusively to Optus, $0 on $35 or $299 outright

HTC and Optus have today announced that the HTC Desire X will launch exclusively on Optus. The Desire X -- as its name gives away -- is a mixture between the high-end One series and the familiar Desire series of devices. The stylish looking device doesn't hold back on specs, with some quality hardware alongside a fairly affordable pricetag: $0 on Optus' $35 plan, or $299 on Optus Prepaid. Those specs include: 1GHz Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 CPU Android 4.0 w/ Sense UI 4 4-inch Super LCD 800x480 Display 5MP Camera w/ BSI Sensor 4GB Internal Storage / 768MB RAM Beats Audio speakers 1650mAh Battery Given its low... Continue reading

Optus 4G goes live in Melbourne

See that guy in the photo above? He's blown away. Why? Optus 4G has gone live in Melbourne, that's why. With the speeds we've seen on the Optus 4G network in Sydney, you're about to be blown away Melbourne - look out! Today’s launch in Melbourne follows Optus’ initial switch on of 4G in April in the Greater Newcastle region, as well as turning on 4G in Sydney and Perth earlier this month. To bolster its existing 3G network, Optus has also rolled out a large scale 3G enhancement programme across more than 700 mobile sites in metropolitan Melbourne. Said Günther... Continue reading

Optus will stop selling the Samsung Galaxy S III 3G, only offer the 4G model

Looks like Optus are throwing the 3G model of the Samsung Galaxy S III out and replacing it with the newer, better 4G version. We were able to view internal documents stating the demise of the 3G model -- telling stores that current stock can be sold, but there's no more to be ordered from Optus' warehouses, instead they should swap a customer's order to the 4G model. "Please be advised that Samsung Galaxy S III 3G is no longer available to order from the warehouse." - Optus The Galaxy S III 4G will be shipped to stores after September... Continue reading

Plan Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III 4G on Optus, Virgin Mobile

If you're desperate to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G then you're very likely going to get it from either Optus or Virgin Mobile -- both are offering it before it launches next month on Telstra -- so we thought we'd do a quick comparison of similar plans from both carriers. If you're after a better, far-reaching 4G network, then you're best to wait it out until Telstra announces prices. Virgin Mobile is using Optus's mobile network, so there's no need to compare those two in that regard.   Optus Virgin Plan Cost $60/mo $59/mo Repayments $7/mo $7/mo Cap Credit $650 $700 Total Cost $1,608 $1,584 Data 1.5GB 3GB Calls Unlim Optus - 90c/min... Continue reading

Samsung officially announce Galaxy S III 4G for Telstra, Optus

As already noted this morning in other posts, The Samsung Galaxy S III 4G is available for pre-order in Australia NOW! You can buy outright through the Samsung store in Sydney or on a plan via Telstra or Optus. In a press release this morning: Tyler McGee, Vice President Telecommunications, Samsung Electronics Australia said: The Australian market continues to demonstrate a diverse set of consumer needs and we are committed to responding to this with a wide portfolio of products. Following the recent success of the Samsung GALAXY S III, the addition of the 4G powered GALAXY S III Onyx... Continue reading