Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) and Nexus 10 OTA links now available to download manually

The OTA updates for the Nexus 7(2012 and 2013) and Nexus 10 were announced yesterday by Google and they've been tracked down by zealous Android developers on XDA-Developers and the direct links to the OTA links have been made public. While no factory images have been released as yet, they should be here shortly based on the release of the updates. The update is to Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) KRT160 and will give you all the goodies that go along with it. Nexus 7 Wi-Fi only versions(3G/LTE versions will come soon : Nexus 7(2012) Nexus 7(2013) Nexus 10 : Nexus... Continue reading

Galaxy Nexus get JWR66Y firmware update

It seems the Samsung Galaxy Nexus device can now get a manual update of the JWR66Y security firmware update thanks to XDA developers according to Android Police. This is great news for all those who may still have the device and can't wait for an official update to eventually trickle down to your Galaxy nexus device. Here is a screen shot of the update uploaded from Android Police directly: The firmware update, available thanks to XDA Developers, is less than 2MB in size, so ultimately this is one patch you won't need to snag WiFi for, however please check... Continue reading

All the OTA Nexus updates and why they are slow to roll out.

By now, you either have received your OTA notification to download and update your device to the latest version of Jelly Bean - Android 4.3 (JWR66V) - but there are still some out there who are waiting. The curator of the Android Open Source Project, Jean-Baptiste Quéru has taken to Google+ to explain why the OTA updates for Nexus devices seem to take such a long time to come. Please don't ask for the ETA of any given OTA. Here's the deal: OTAs intentionally start very slowly, both in terms of numbers and in terms of timing. The goal is to... Continue reading

Australian generic Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving OTA update, adds apps-to-SD support

If you're the owner of a generic Samsung Galaxy S4 bought in Australia (ie. not from Telstra, Optus or Vodafone) you should find yourself receiving an OTA -- over the air -- update sometime today. The major changes in this update include freeing up some internal storage space -- about 90MB -- and adding the ability to move apps to your SD card. Both of these were added after backlash from customers finding their 16GB devices only had 9GB of usable storage. @Ausdroid @BuzzMoody i have just received an ota update for my Australian generic #s4 Abt 369... Continue reading

Updated: Telstra HTC One XL Jelly Bean update pushing out today – Galaxy Nexus update delayed again

Telstra today announced on their community forum something that many HTC One XL owners have been painfully waiting for. The Jelly Bean update was approved earlier today (Monday 24th December). Deployment is also scheduled to begin today at 4PM, so keep checking your phone for an update, or use our forced OTA update guide. Other countries have already seen the update rolled out. Containing Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and HTC's Sense 4+, it weighs in around 650MB, so it's strongly advisable to download the update on Wifi. Update: The One XL OTA update will actually begin pushing... Continue reading

So your carrier has announced Android 4.1 for your phone, but it’s taking too long to roll out? Here’s how to force the update

The most frustrating screen in the world This was a big week for Android updates, with all three carriers releasing Android 4.1 updates to their flagship Android phones — the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. But often, these updates are rolled out progressively and you may have to wait a couple of weeks for the update to reach your phone. But fear... Continue reading

Optus handset news – Samsung Galaxy S II & III Jelly Bean updates approved

Optus have updated their handset update status page today with some big news. The Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update has been approved, and deployment is imminent. No dates as yet but it won't be far off. Also big news for Samsung Galaxy S II owners, as their Jelly Bean update has also been approved and is expected early January. A maintenance update to the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G is also under testing and is expected any time now. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update appears to be some way... Continue reading

Telstra Android handset update news

Once again, Telstra have provided an update on the status of their Android handset updates. It seems most devices with an impending update are set to receive them before the year's end. The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Ice Cream Sandwich update is now rolling out as we speak. According to Telstra, the update is going to be staggered across the next two weeks: Day 1-3 : 10k of devices selected at random to be eligible for update, users are either alerted via FOTA Push Message or by manually checking Day 4-13: An additional 10% of devices... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean update — what’s in store?

As we mentioned yesterday, the rollout to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has begun for Motorola RAZR HD owners. For those of you who may not know what the update brings, here's a bit of a heads up straight from Motorola. Key features that you won't have seen on ICS include Google Now and Google Voice Search, both of which are pretty cool. Google Now Google Now is all about providing you with information you want when you want it, before you even have to ask for it. Around Sydney,... Continue reading

Motorola Android software update news

Motorola have posted an update on the status of their Android upgrade schedule. Ice Cream Sandwich is the order of the day for the majority of their devices, with only two exceptions. The Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean update was only recently rolled out. The RAZR M is listed as moving to Jelly Bean early in 2013. These both closely tie in with the Telstra update schedule we posted a few days ago. The rest of their devices look set to remain on Ice Cream Sandwich. Continue reading

Telstra OTA update news – some good, some bad

Telstra have once again posted news on their handset OTA update status. And, in a continuing trend, they bring some mixed news. Good news for Samsaung Galaxy S II 4G owners, as the Ice Cream Sandwich update has finally been approved. Deployment is expected very soon, though no specific dates have been given as yet. On the flip side, submission of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update has been delayed yet again by Samsung and is expected to be made on 7th December. Telstra claim they'll try to both test and approve this update in... Continue reading

Android 4.2 OTA update rolling out to International GSM Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 now

What you see above is the Over The Air update notifications for Android 4.2 to the Yakju build of the Galaxy Nexus and the Australian Nexus 7. This means that people who purchased the unlocked international GSM Galaxy Nexus should be seeing their OTA update over the coming days, the Takju build Galaxy Nexus phones started seeing their OTA updates arrive yesterday. This also means that people who purchased a Nexus 7 in Australia should be seeing the OTA update rolling out to their tablets shortly. The screenshots show that the OTA for the Galaxy Nexus is 74.3MB in size... Continue reading

Android 4.1 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 leaks online

To coincide nicely with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 here in Australia, the upcoming Android 4.1 update for the device has already found its way onto the internet in the form of a leak. The updates themselves -- received exclusively by SamMobile -- are seemingly early beta builds for internal testing, so if you are going to attempt to apply the update via a custom ROM, you're mostly likely in for a bad time. The fact there are these updates leaking now, means that the internal process should be well on the way towards... Continue reading