Nexus 5 Poll – Did you purchase a Nexus 5? Which Model?

It was a massive day for Android and Google yesterday with the launch of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4. So, how did it pan out? The Nexus 5 was announced at 5am(AEDT) and went on-sale in Google Play. Android 4.4 was announced with a HUGE laundry list of features both customer facing and behind the scenes. We discussed the ordering process. Google started shipping the phones from Hong Kong. And Google Play finally sold out of the 16GB/32GB Black models of the Nexus 5 last night The Nexus 5 seems to have done quite well in terms of sales... Continue reading

What ChromeOS device do you use?

ChromeOS devices have only been available for a short amount of time for purchase at retail, but they have been available internationally for a while and people have either imported them, themselves or purchased through importers such as Mobicity. So I thought we may actually take the opportunity to see just which model ChromeOS devices are out there and which is the most popular. So, Auschrome readers, which ChromeOS device do you use? Continue reading

Ausdroid Forums – should they stay or should they go?

Users of our Forums will note that in the last couple of days they were taken off-line. Why? In short, the software running them had reached an age - and a vulnerability - whereby the forums were almost completely overrun by spambots, and virtually destroyed. We've had an internal discussion about what to do with the forums - the previous ones are virtually irretrievable - and we're somewhat undecided. Some of us think the forums could probably go, because there's quality offerings in the form of XDA Developers and Whirlpool available to people who want to chat. Others think that... Continue reading

Poll: Did you pre-order the Nexus 7?

Pre-orders for Google's tablet, the Nexus 7, are now open and in some countries they've been halted due to excessive demand. So we're wondering how many of our readers have already pre-ordered one and which version they went with (8GB or 16GB). Let us know using the poll below -- in the comments you can let us know why you chose the version you did and what you think of the Nexus 7. Continue reading

Poll Results: 48% of voters want the Galaxy S III as their next phone, 23% want a One X variant

The results of our poll are in! We asked you which (Android, duh) phone you were thinking of getting next and the results are pretty much as we expected: you want the Samsung Galaxy S III. You can check out the total results here, but we'll give you the top five from over 1,100 votes. Samsung Galaxy S III - 47.76% - 533 votes HTC One X - 14.7% - 164 votes HTC One XL - 8.42% - 94 votes Samsung Galaxy Note - 7.8% - 87 votes Sony Xperia S - 5.91% - 66 votes As you can see, the Galaxy S... Continue reading

Poll: Which phone are you thinking of getting next?

It's the time of year when all of the new devices announced at CES in January and MWC in February actually make it into consumers hands. So we're reaching out to you, to see what your next phone will be -- if you're upgrading, that is. There's a lot of cool stuff in the high-end and mid-range levels for a wide variety of users. Personally, I'm eyeing off the Galaxy S III with the One X or Xperia S to be a fall-back should things go all caddywompus. That's enough of me. What do you guys... Continue reading

Poll: Which is your favourite upcoming Android device?

There a heap of cool, and not so cool, devices hitting the market in the near future, a lot of which are headed to Australia which is always nice. So we want to hear from you, the intelligent, Android loving Aussies that will be looking to buy said devices. As always I'll be in the comments wanting to know your thoughts on your favourite device. For me personally, I'm loving the Galaxy S II. Super AMOLED +, Dual-core, 1080p video recording. All the stuff you want in a phone, but will never take full advantage of, that's usually how it... Continue reading

What specs would your dream Android Phone have?

There are a lot of new Android Phones making their way on to the market, and a lot of them just aren't "The One". So we're wondering, what specs would your dream Android Phone have, and possibly why? Do you prefer a bigger screen? If so, what size? Fast processor, what speed? So go on, let your imagination run wild, but try to keep them as realistic as possible :) Continue reading