Specs for a new Facebook phone from HTC emerge

It was just over 2 years ago that the first Facebook phone the HTC ChaCha was announced and almost as long since the second Facebook phone, the HTC Salsa was announced. According to the @evleaks twitter account there's a new Facebook phone incoming and it will again be a HTC built device. Codenamed the HTC Myst and with no mention of a physical keyboard, the phone is expected to be candybar design similar to the Salsa, although a slider style phone can't be ruled out completely. The phone would be expected to feature a hardware Facebook button like the previous... Continue reading

HTC Salsa, ChaCha, Desire HD, Sensation from Vodafone all get updated

It seems that HTC are pushing out updates to most, if not all, of their devices in Australia at the moment -- it started with the HTC Incredible S on Optus and now Vodafone have notified us that 4 HTC devices on their network have updates ready and waiting to be installed onto users devices. So if you're an owner of one or more of the following devices, check your device for the update: HTC Salsa -- Maintenance Release HTC ChaCha -- Android 2.3.5 HTC Desire HD -- Android 2.3.5 / Sense 3.0 HTC Sensation -- Maintenance Release If... Continue reading

HTC Salsa — Review

The HTC Salsa is the 3.4-inch touchscreen version of HTC’s two Facebook phones, and I have to say I recommend it only to the most hardcore of Facebook addicts. If you're interested in the other 'Facebook Phone', check out our HTC ChaCha review, if not, hit the break to get into the Salsa review. (more…) Continue reading

Australia isn’t really behind the rest of the world when it comes to Android device launches

Australia has always been behind when it comes to tech launches and we've pretty much learnt to just deal with it. But if you look back at some of the Android devices launches in the previous 12 months, we've actually been pretty much on the same timeline as the UK and the USA. Back in September last year Vodafone snared the HTC Desire HD as exclusive as it was announced, then launched it the next month Sony Ericsson announced and launched the Xperia Play and Xperia Arc here in Australia around same time they did elsewhere... Continue reading

HTC ChaCha and Salsa ‘Facebook phones’ rumba their way onto Vodafone

Facebook addicts will be able to get their fix a whole lot quicker and more easily courtesy of Vodafone and HTC who today announced the Salsa and the ChaCha, available in stores Wednesday 6 July. The HTC Salsa has a 3.4" 480x320 resolution screen and a body reminiscent of the Hero and the Legend with a slight curve at the bottom. The HTC ChaCha more closely resembles a blackberry or the Nokia e71 with a full qwerty keyboard under a 2.6" screen, also with a 480x320 resolution. Both have a solid high quality feel which we have... Continue reading

HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha coming to Vodafone, Facebook integration in full swing

Well there you have it ladies and gents, both the HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha are heading to Vodafone in the next month or so (clarification soon, no doubt) on unknown plans. Both these devices are mid-range but specialise in Facebook integration, as you can most likely tell by the blue Facebook buttons on the bottom of each device. These devices are both aimed at the savvy social networker, with special additions to Sense UI tightly integrating Facebook into a lot of the phone's basic functions. The clock widget shows recent updated status; photos and videos can... Continue reading

HTC to do re-fresh mid year, dual cores to come and the ChaCha, Salsa and Flyer making it’s way to Australia very soon?

I like rumours as much as the next guy and espeically when they contain a heap of information like the one I've just received. According to a source, who has gotten in touch with us, HTC plan to do a re-fresh mid year with the handsets due for a Q4 release date. This lines up with what HTC normally do: the Desire Z and Desire HD were both announced mid year-ish and launch Q4, so this is nothing new. What also is not new is that they are going to be doing dual core handsets:  Continue reading