Samsung Galaxy S III – 32gb variant available in store, and so’s pebble blue

We've received a few tips today indicating that the Galaxy S III is now available in its 32gb variant, and not only this - but in the much sought-after Pebble Blue colour. We've received tips from well placed sources indicating that Vodafone currently has them in stock across its store network, with Optus and Telstra tipped to receive stock in coming days. For Vodafone customers (or those prepared to become one), you'll find 32gb devices available at most (if not all) stores, and the price point is delicious - just $5 more than the 16gb model. That's not bad... Continue reading

Vodafone to release updates to Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S handsets

Vodafone has advised via their weekly software update blog that they have approved the 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus which will see their software version going from 4.0.1 to 4.0.4 whilst owners of the original Galaxy S will receive an update from 2.3.3 to a 2.3.6 “Value Pack”, I asked Kieran from Vodafone to clarify what was in the "Value Pack" and was advised 'it brings a number of ICS-like features to Gingerbread such as Face Unlock, homescreen folders and more'. The update page has not given a specific date for the rollout, both have been... Continue reading

Samsung offering official Galaxy Nexus HDMI dock on their website

It's only taken nearly 6 months but Samsung have finally updated the accessories page on their Australian website with an accessory specifically made for the Galaxy Nexus, the HDMI Dock is now available to order for $69.99 directly from Samsung with a priority freight fee of $8.95 on top. Simple desktop access Synchronise and charge your Samsung GALAXY Nexus View your photos and videos on your compatible TV by connecting through the built-in HDMI out port (HDMI cable sold separately) Dock your GALAXY Nexus smartphone in a portrait position and charge your Samsung GALAXY Nexus whilst playing back music, videos and other... Continue reading

Pebble Blue coloured Samsung Galaxy S III arriving in stores now

I have called stores around Canberra this morning and was advised by staff at Optus, Vodafone and Crazy Johns stores that they have stock of the 16GB Pebble Blue coloured Galaxy S III. I also called a number of Telstra stores who advised they did not have stock as yet but they receive their deliveries mid-morning so call back later to find out if any arrive. Virgin Mobile staff were still unsure when the blue would arrive, however they tweeted me last night to advise they had them in stock online so I imagine stock will be arriving... Continue reading

Rumour : Galaxy Note II coming this October

After they announced recently that they have sold over 7 million Galaxy Note handsets, Samsung must be feeling pretty good about themselves and looking towards what they can do in terms of offering a successor, to that end UbuntuLife are reporting that Samsung are looking at launching one in October. The newer model will sport a 5.5-inch display 1680×1050 resolution WSXGA+ screen @ 360ppi but that the screen will be Pentile, they are also stating that it is likely to be the Exynos 5250 chipset running it with 1.5GB RAM, an 8 MegaPixel Camera and 4G/LTE... Continue reading

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III outright prices (15/6/12)

Are you looking to buy the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III outright? If so, we've put together a comparison table of some of the more legible online and physical Australian retailers from which you can purchase the Galaxy S III. We'll do our best to keep this updated for the next couple of weeks while hype is still at its peak, so check back every now and then for price changes.   MobiCity Kogan Dmavo Allphones Dick Smith JB Hi-Fi 16GB $739* $789 $731.50 $798 $747 (inc. 16GB MicroSD) $777 32GB $889* $889 N/A N/A N/A N/A 64GB $989* $989 N/A N/A N/A N/A Postage Free $19 $16.50 N/A (In store) $4.95 N/A (In store) Link MobiCity Kogan Dmavo Allphones Dick Smith JB Hi-Fi *: Price after... Continue reading

Samsung have sold 28 million Galaxy S II, 24 million Galaxy S, 7 million Galaxy Notes

Samsung aren't just proud of their current flagship device, the Galaxy S III, they're also very proud of their previous flagships in the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II, as well as the Galaxy Note, which is a flagship in a category of its own. SammyHub have confirmed some sales numbers of these devices with Samsung and they're pretty astounding. The Galaxy S has sold over 24 million units (since June 2010), the Galaxy S II has sold over 28 million units (since April 2010) making it the fastest selling Samsung device ever, and the Galaxy... Continue reading

Australian-based Kickstarter will create Galaxy Nexus magnet-mounting case

I'm a late comer to Kickstarter projects but I'm starting to have a great time looking through the many wonderful projects that are out there, in particular in regards to Android based projects. I just came across this project from Melbourne based company, Studio Proper, which aims to produce a mounting system for the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II as well as the iPhone 4s. Using a system utilising rare earth magnets, they offer the ability to wall, desk or car mount your phone in either portrait or landscape mode. They advise the case will not affect NFC... Continue reading

Allphones selling the Samsung Galaxy S III for $798 outright

If you're looking to buy an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III locally, Allphones are now selling the brand new device for $798 outright as an online special. The variant on offer is the 16GB White Marble device. For an extra $99 you can also get insurance on the device just in case you damage it. Allphone's price isn't that bad even compared to online retailers such as Kogan and Mobicity, who are offering it for $789 and $799 respectively. Continue reading

Plan Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III on Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Crazy John’s, Virgin

Want to know which carrier is offering great value on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III? Take a look at our always awesome table comparing the major telcos and their similarly priced plans. Remember, you have to take into account your own personal preference, each networks capabilities in your area and all that wonderful stuff before coming to a conclusion. Each to their own! Let's begin.   Vodafone Optus Telstra Crazy John's Virgin Plan Cost $59/mo $60/mo $59/mo $55/mo $59/mo Repayments $5/mo $5/mo $13/mo $0 $5/mo Cap Credit $750 $650 $550 $750 $700 Total Cost $1,536 $1,440 $1,728 $1,320 $1,536 Data 1.5GB 1.5GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB Calls 98c/min (+40c) Unlim Optus - 90c/min (+35c) 90c/min (+35c) Unlim CJs - 99c/min (+40c) Unlim Virgin - 99c/min (+40c) SMS Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Video Call $1.47/min (+40c) $1.00/min (+40c) 90c/min (+35c) $1/min 99c/min (+40c) MMS 55c 50c 50c 50c 60c Int. SMS Unlim int. 50c 50c 35c 45c Int. MMS 55c 75c 75c 50c 60c Link Continue reading

Video: Samsung Galaxy S III launch event in Sydney

Missed out on the live stream (thanks to Vodafone) of the Samsung Galaxy S III launch event this morning? Don't worry, Vodafone have uploaded the entire 45 minute video to YouTube and we've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure. Let us know in the comments what you thought of the event. It's certainly the best we've seen so far for a mobile launch here in Australia. Well played, Samsung, well played. Continue reading

Belkin announces a range of Samsung Galaxy S III cases

So you went out today (or tomorrow, or the next day) and bought yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S III, but you're in need of something to protect it from the perils of everyday use. Fear not, Belkin has announced a range of cases to suit the Galaxy S III. There are 7 cases to choose from, each with their own style and apparent way to protect your phone. There's one that straps to your arm, which is great for running; there's a normal leather case if you're just damn classy. Prices start at $20 and go up... Continue reading

Vodafone updated webpage with Galaxy S III Pricing

We saw Vodafones pricing early on this morning but I thought i`d reiterate and also supply some further info. It appears Vodafone has the 16GB and 32GB on their site. There are some caveats to availability though as per the other carriers, they are offering both the Marble White and the Pebble Blue however the for those wanting the Blue they advise 'Buy now to secure your new Samsung Galaxy S III in Blue. We will get in touch within 8 days to update you on stock deliveries.' Whilst the 32GB variant advises 'Buy now and secure... Continue reading