Samsung officially announces the Chromebook 2 for the US market

Well there you go, Samsung has officially announced the Samsung Chromebook 2 for the US market, announcing as expected 11.6" and 13.3" models running their ARM based Exynos processor. The chromebooks have only been announced for the US market at this stage with pricing to match. The devices are available in the faux stitched leather for the 11.6" model in Jet Black or Classic White, while the 13.3" model is available in a more traditional plastic material in Luminous Titan Gray. The 13.3" model has indeed arrived with a more premium full HD 1920x1080 screen as opposed to the normal... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with up to $500 worth of free ‘gifts’

Samsung is pulling out all the stops when it comes to making sure the Galaxy S5 is full of incentives to people looking to purchase a flagship smartphone, offering some bonus offers from services like the Wall Street Journal, Runkeeper, Box and Evernote as sweeteners. The list of services is detailed on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Gifts micro-site and seem like a good variety of bonuses with a fitness and business heavy focus : Runkeeper - 1 year free premium service ($20) Skimble - 6 months free premium service ($42) Wall Street Journal - Free 6 month subscription to Wall Street... Continue reading

Samsung Chromebook 2 to arrive in April with Exynos 5 Octa processor

While the stitched faux leather back is still a sticking point for some, the Samsung Chromebook 2 launch is still pretty hotly anticipated, with rumours from last year pointing at a higher end spec coming to the Chromebook series. UberGizmo has apparently received details on the Chromebook 2 and published a post prematurely - and then pulled it - which sheds some further light on the specs for the Samsung Chromebook 2, which do in fact show a at least one model coming with a higher end screen. From the pre-order leak from BHPhotoVideo we know there will be... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 series listed on Gear Fit micro-site

When Samsung announced the Gear Fit at Mobile World Congress, they advised it would be compatible with at least 20 Galaxy devices and most assumed they were devices already in the Samsung range, but it appears that at least three of those are the yet to be announced Galaxy Tab 4 series. As seen above the site lists the Galaxy Tab4 in three screen sizes : 10.1", 8.0" and 7.0", matching the Galaxy Tab3 screen sizes. There's no other information to go on at this stage, so we'll have to wait for an official announcement. The Galaxy Tab3 range was... Continue reading

No pricing yet, but Kogan is now taking names for Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

While retail availability for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is still more than a month away, Kogan has finally acknowledged the existence of the latest Samsung phone. Kogan has begun taking names of customers interested in hearing about deals for the phone, with promises that those who do will receive 'receive early bird deals from Kogan.' The move to merely taking names of people interested in the phone, mirrors Dick Smith and Australian carriers who have all opened up webpages for people to register their interest. The ability to take names of interested parties gives them valuable data on the... Continue reading

Faux Leather backed Samsung Chromebook 2 shown off by @evleaks

The stitched faux leather back from the Galaxy Note 3 is definitely not dead, with EvLeaks over-night showing a much better view of the Samsung Chrome device he leaked yesterday, which confirms - as far as Evan Blass is concerned - that it is indeed a Chromebook and the recently leaked Chromebook 2. The picture shows off a thin, countoured base with the uniquely Samsung stitched faux leather lid, giving it the appearance of a folio or similar. There's litte to glean in specs from this photo except for the presence of a USB port as well... Continue reading

New Samsung ChromeOS device on the way with Galaxy Note 3 faux leather back

Samsung was one of the earliest builders of ChromeOS devices, producing both Chromebooks and the first generation Chromeboxes but have been quiet of late on that front, apart from the rumoured launch of an 11" and 13" Samsung Chromebook 2. It's been assumed that they would follow the same design language as their previous ChromeOS releases but a leak from EvLeaks could show a different design language altogether. The leaks shows something that could be interpreted in two ways, either a Chromebook or something a bit different - a ChromeOS Tablet. The ChromeOS tablet idea has been kicking around... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 now available for pre-order in Australia and Europe – it’s still expensive

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is arguably one of the most anticipated phone releases this year, announced on this week with a release date of the 11th of April, we quickly saw the 4 largest carriers in Australia quickly confirm they would be offering the phone on their network, now you can get an idea of outright pricing with exporters in Europe and the UK and Mobicity here in Australia opening up pre-orders for Samsungs latest super-phone. Despite rumours circulating prior to the release of the Galaxy S5 that Samsung was going to attempt to price the Galaxy S5 at... Continue reading

Ausdroid Podcast 103 – Nokia and Samsung at MWC

Welcome to episode 103 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week we saw a number of high profile news stories break at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The biggest stories of the week came to us courtesy of Nokia and Samsung, so we spent the podcast discussing those big stories. Hosted by Jason Murray, with Dan Tyson Geoff Quattromani. Topics: Nokia X Galaxy S5 Listen to this episode Download this episode MP3 Subscribe to the Ausdroid Podcast RSS iTunes Get in contact with us via our Podcast Email, or leave a comment below. Continue reading

Dick Smith joins the list, Galaxy S5 pre-orders online now

Dick Smith have advised that they will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it makes its way to retailers some time in April - we hope the 11th, but await local confirmation - and have started taking the details for people interested in the phone. You can hop onto the Dick Smith Facebook page and put your name down to receive the 'latest news, pre-order and on sale info' when it becomes available. You will of course have to agree to receiving news and offers from Dick Smith - but as reader KJMCI pointed out... Continue reading

Samsung applies to register ‘Finger Scanner’ as a trademark in major markets

At the Unpacked event yesterday, Samsung unveiled their new flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 and one of the key features discussed was the Finger Scanner built into the home key. This feature is important to Samsung, as it opens a whole variety of security based functions such as mobile payments based on fingerprint identification. In order to protect their new feature, they've applied to various trademark offices around the world to trademark the term 'Finger Scanner': In the US with the US Patent and Trade Office(USPTO), lodging application 86197609 with them on the 12th of February. They applied for... Continue reading

Samsung launches the Exynos 5422 and 5260 mobile processors and 16/13MP sensors

Samsung apparently had more products to launch after their Unpacked 5 event yesterday, today launching two new mobile processors the Exynos 5422 and the Exynos 5260. Both the Exynos 5422 and 5260 are capable of rendering 4K video, an option that will come in useful as display resolutions in mobile devices ramp up in the coming months. Both the processors ustilise the big.LITTLE HMP(Heterogeneous Multi Processing) architecture from ARM, with the Exynos 5422 using an Octa-Core configuration with four 2.1GHz Cortex A15 cores and four 1.5GHz Cortex A7 cores. While the Exynos 5260, is a Hexa-core processor which offers two... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Australian carrier availability

This morning saw the launch of the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, it's bigger, faster and has more sensors on it than ever before, like the 200 Million customers who've already purchased a Samsung Galaxy S series product, there's millions more waiting to get this latest phone, so we've spoken with local carriers here in Australia to see who will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5. Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile has advised that they will indeed be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5, but have no immediate information regarding pricing and plans for release. They are also looking at the Gear 2,... Continue reading