Wednesday , April 26 2017

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New security bug found in Android

I am constantly amazed by the amount of security flaws found in, well, not just Android, but all software. A new flaw has been found by Google’s Project Zero team which allows an attacker to take over a device without any interaction from the victim. The bug, which also affected …

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FUD Buster: Remote vulnerability in LastPass found, fixed, but the internet will tell you to be scared of it

Security vulnerabilities are a serious thing, and as such require serious attention, research, and reporting. One of the worst kinds of vulnerabilities is a remotely exploitable security flaw. This means that the malicious code can be executed without physical access to you machine, and sometimes without your direct intervention. Today …

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Google just made 2 Factor Authentication so simple there is just no excuse not to use it, on all of your accounts.

We can not discuss the importance of online security and good password habits enough, and today Google has given us a fantastic reason to discuss it again. In this morning’s blog post, Google announced they are adding yet another method for 2 Factor Authentication to your Google Accounts, called simply …

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