Telstra UNO (ZTE-T12) Back On Sale at Coles for $44.50

We've seen the Telstra UNO before on-sale at Coles for $44.50, I actually picked one up last time they were on-sale as I needed something to track my runs on and listen to podcasts on, it's been pretty good so far for that purpose and I have a mini-review inbound on it. Normally priced at $89 the UNO isn't a bad option if you're looking at a backup phone for the car or an entry level smartphone for the kids. Specs : Android 2.3 Gingerbread 2.8-inch touch screen 2 megapixel camera 2GB microSD CardExpandable memory - up to 32GB The deal comes with... Continue reading

Nexus 4 – Pre-Paid Plans and Micro-SIMs

With the launch of the Nexus 4, I have finally had to start looking around at what I'm going to do in regards to my SIM card as the Nexus 4 takes a microSIM. A microSIM is a essentially a cut down Mini-SIM — anyone familiar with an iPhone 4(S), HTC One XL or Motorola RAZR M (for example) will have seen these before. Here is a comparison table to help you out if you're not familiar with the SIM sizes: Now there are various options around in regards to chopping down your mini-SIM to... Continue reading

Telstra Android OTA Update News

There's a bit of a mixed bag this week regarding Telstra's Android handset OTA updates. Good news for Samsung Galaxy S III owners, as the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update is progressing ahead of schedule. Telstra were expected to sign off on approval today and deployment of the update is expected within 10 business days (as we reported on Thursday). Those still running the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be less pleased to hear the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update has been delayed yet again, due to "failing Google certification". Telstra has now... Continue reading

Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Updates – Telstra, Vodafone in final review

Australian owners of Samsung's Galaxy S III have been waiting for the Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" update for their devices for some time. The Galaxy S III 4G recently launched here in Australia running Android 4.1, fueling speculation that the update for the older model device was imminent. Google originally released Android 4.1 into the Android Open Source Project repository in July. Four months later - and with Android 4.2 now on the horizon - the update is closer than ever, but it depends on your carrier. Let's take a look at the status of the update on... Continue reading

Telstra will not stock the Nexus 4 or Nexus 7 3G, focused on ranging LTE devices

After LG announced yesterday that 'Further information on offline availability in Australia will be available late November' it looked as though carrier negotiations were going on in the background to bring the Nexus 4 out on plans as is normally the case. We have approached the carriers individually, so far we've seen Vodafone respond in regards to the Nexus 4, now Telstra has advised that they too will not be stocking the Nexus 4 or the 3G enabled Nexus 7: At this stage we don't plan to offer the Nexus 4 smartphone or the Nexus 7 3G tablet. Our... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M — Review

Motorola delivers a solid 4G LTE phone with a 4.3 inch edge-to-edge screen. Motorola’s second release this month, the RAZR M is a 4.3 inch 4G LTE device. In many ways, it’s the RAZR HD’s little brother, using mostly the same internals (CPU, RAM, graphics). Where the HD brought a 4.7 inch display, huge battery and a focus on media, the M brings a smaller 4.3 inch display with minimal bezel and a respectable 2000 mAh battery. The M also misses out on HDMI output and has a lower resolution front-facing camera. Ausdroid tested the RAZR HD earlier this month... Continue reading

Telstra OTA update delays for HTC and Samsung devices

Around a month ago we reported on the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Telstra Samsung Galaxy S II 4G being delayed. Fast forward one month and Telstra have just made another announcement regarding the update - via a community forum post. It seems Samsung have once again delayed the OS update due to "requirement for a mandatory update of the Google components of the software to meet Google certification requirements." This delay is also affects the Telstra Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9" Ice Cream Sandwich update and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean... Continue reading

Telstra to launch a new 4G tablet aimed for “tech-minded Australian families”.

Telstra has had a 4G network for a little while now, and Telstra have just announced that tomorrow they will be launching their first 4G tablet. While we expect to see some more 4G tablets to hit the shelves later this year and early next, the Telstra 4G tablet is an affordable and powerful android tablet for the technologically savvy Australian family. The Specs 10.1 inch HD, 1280x800 resolution screen. 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU 4G Connectivity A Large 6900 mAh battery, boasting up to 9 hours video playback 16GB of Internal Storage (Expandable to 32GB) 2 MP Front... Continue reading

Motorola Defy+ from Telstra now $99 with $10 credit

If you're in the market for a cheap pre-paid phone that is water and dust resistant, carries the Telstra Blue Tick for better coverage in regional and rural areas then look no further than the Motorola Defy+ which has been dropped from $249 down to just $99+postage from the Telstra Online store. The phone is not a bad little package offering some decent mid-range specs : 3.7" 480x854 WVGA touchscreen 1GHz CPU 512MB RAM 2GB Storage with microSD card Slot Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, aGPS Android 2.3 Water and scratch resistant and dustproof 1700 mAh Battery Not a bad deal and at $99 it also includes $10... Continue reading

Rumour: Galaxy Note II LTE (N7105) to launch on all three carriers in November

Last we heard about the availability of the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on Australian carriers was a possible launch on Optus in December. We're now hearing rumours that all three of the major carriers will launch the Galaxy Note II in November albeit as a staggered release with Optus first out of the gate offering it as of the 5th of November seemingly with a two week exclusive. Next up will be Vodafone launching it on the 19th of November followed a week later by Telstra on the 26th of November. The launch will be... Continue reading

Motorola RAZR M available for pre-order from Telstra with delivery from October 30

Want to gt your hands on the new full-screen Motorola RAZR M? Telstra is now accepting pre-orders for the device over at their website on the $60 per month plan with Telstra advising delivery from the 30th of October. The plan offers unlimited SMS, $600 worth of calls and MMS and 1GB of Data which if used on the Telstra 4G network could presumably be swallowed up pretty quickly. The Specs whilst not as high end as the RAZR HD are still pretty impressive as is the main draw-card feature of the RAZR M the edge-to-edge screen : 4.3" qHD... Continue reading

Galaxy S III 4G now in stock at Telstra, $864 outright

Those of you who have been waiting to get your hands on a Jelly Bean powered Samsung Galaxy S III 4G on the Telstra network, but didn't want to purchase from the Telstra on-line store can now head into your local Telstra store where stock is now waiting for you. Available for $66 per month on a 24 month contract which includes a $6 per month handset repayment, the plan offers you $600 worth of calls and MMS with unlimited SMS and 1GB of Data. But just in case a contract isn't for you the phone is also... Continue reading

Motorola OnDisplay: Razr HD, Razr M Australian Launch

Motorola and Telstra held a joint event this morning in Sydney promoting the Razr HD and Razr M phones. While there weren't really any surprises about the phones themselves (they've been covered fairly extensively since their launch a couple of weeks ago in the US), the big news is that the Razr HD is available today from Telstra stores. Tia and I arrived at about 9am to find that Motorola had appropriately decked out the entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art with an Android army!     After a while, we went upstairs for the presentation. Motorola made a big deal... Continue reading