Australian Carrier branded Samsung Galaxy Nexus to finally receive Android 4.3

The Galaxy Nexus was a pretty popular phone choice for a number of Australians when it became the first Nexus device to be released on all three carriers but part of the carrier distribution agreement was that the updates had to go via Samsung and the carriers before being delivered to phones. After seemingly being abandoned on Android 4.1.2 it seems that carrier branded Galaxy Nexus owners will finally see their Android 4.3 update. All three carriers have updated their software availability pages to indicate that Android 4.3 has been received from Samsung. Optus and Vodafone have already... Continue reading

Foxtel offers free Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 to new subscribers

If you're thinking of signing up for Foxtel, Telstra has a deal you should consider. In an online-only promotion, new subscribers will receive a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 when signing up for a new contract on the Essentials, Movies, Sports HD or Platinum plan through the links on their page. Unfortunately, little information seems to be available about the specifics of the tablet, so we're not able to tell the storage capacity, nor whether it's Wi-Fi or Cellular (3G/4G) but we'd err towards Wi-Fi. (Update: Telstra confirms via Twitter that it's the 16 GB model... Continue reading

Telstra reportedly in talks to bring Chromecast to Australia

Google's super-cheap media streaming dongle, the Chromecast, has been incredibly popular in the United States, but it has yet to be officially sold anywhere else. In the UK, retailer Curry's has announced that they'll be selling the Chromecast as of March 1, and even though you can get it in Australia, it's a bit of a hassle. Business Spectator are reporting that Telstra - who are no stranger to new technologies, and who actually have a multimedia ecosystem of their own - are in talks with Google to bring Chromecast to Australia. The Chromecast sells for... Continue reading

Telstra says “me too” to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE

Telstra has joined Optus in offering Samsung's 8.0-inch version of its Galaxy Tab 3 tablet on contract. Prospective purchasers can find the device on Telstra's site, where on-contract pricing ranges from $52/month for 1GB of data to $107/month for 15GB of data. The contracts have no upfront purchase cost and run for 2 years (24 months). Telstra also points out that users will get an additional 50GB of storage space for 2 years with Dropbox, in what seems to be a standard offering for Samsung devices these days. You'll find the full specs for the Galaxy... Continue reading

Android 4.3 rolling out to Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note II – other carriers to follow soon

Seems that the Android 4.3 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has begun rolling out to handsets, at least Telstra branded handsets for the time being, with other carriers promising the update should begin shortly. At 946.94MB it's not a small download so you may want to hit up a WiFi connection before you begin - there's no word on whether it's counted against your data plan - but it includes all the features you'd expect, including Knox update for consumers, Galaxy Gear compatability and improved UI and performance : The update is due to hit both Continue reading

Telstra begins testing data sessions on 700MHz spectrum with unreleased advanced HTC smartphone

In May of last year, Telstra - as well as Optus - successfully bid in an auction held by the ACMA for licenses to use bands in the 700MHz spectrum that had previously been used by the now defunct Analogue TV service. In that auction, Telstra successfully bid on 2 x 20 MHz (40 MHz) of spectrum and while the license to fully use the spectrum won't come into effect until the first of January next year(2015), Telstra began testing out data sessions using the spectrum this week. On Friday, Telstra - in partnership with Ericsson - successfully completed... Continue reading

Telstra is giving away a 24-karat HTC One

Pic Source: Gold Genie To celebrate the launch of the HTC One on their 4G network, Telstra is running a competition to give away a 24-karat gold plated HTC One, valued at $5,000 by simply taking part in their #TelstraGold Australia Day competition. For a chance to win, Telstra is asking people to create a 30 second video which tells Telstra 'how you’ll be celebrating Australia Day in true Aussie Style this year'. To get it noticed by Telstra, share it with them on their social media sites - Facebook, Instagram or Continue reading

Champagne Gold HTC One coming exclusively to Telstra

It's not the 18 karat Gold version that HTC have been showing off to all and sundry at trade shows around the world, but you'll now be able to get your hands on the Champagne Gold HTC One through Telstra. The only difference between the existing Glacial Silver HTC One on Telstra and this new model is the colour, with the same specs and features like HTC Boomsound, Ultra-Pixel camera still in place. Sales of the Champagne Gold HTC One begin today online with free delivery and in-store on January 21st, with the phone available on a variety of plans... Continue reading

Boost mobile announce they will cut data allowance on $40 recharge

Boost have announced via their Facebook page, that they will be cutting their data allowance by 1GB on their $40 ULTD recharge effective 18 February 2014. The post, tipped to us by Brad Hook, was posted up by the company yesterday at 3:30pm already has about 282 comments, most of them negative with customers stating their frustration and in most cases, stating they will be porting to other service providers. Here is the post from the company yesterday: The company is stating that within the post that most people are not using the full 3GB of data which is why they... Continue reading

CES 2014 — Sony announces the Xperia Z1 Compact, coming to Australia in April

Sony today confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in recent months - a smaller, "mini" version of its flagship Xperia Z1 (which we rather liked) is coming. It's called the Xperia Z1 Compact, and it brings the headline features from its big brother into a 4.3 inch device. The big draw card for the Z1 Compact is that it doesn't compromise on specs for its smaller form factor, a trend many of us at Ausdroid have been lamenting for the past couple of years. The main changes for the form factor are a 720p display in place... Continue reading

Telechoice to offer the Motorola Moto G from January 13 for $279 outright

EDIT It appears the price of the Moto G will be $279, based on a number of calls to Telechoice, for an 8GB phone, that's expensive. Thanks Ahmato27. The release of the Motorola Moto G has been hotly anticipated since its launch in São Paulo, Brazil in November last year, at which time Australia was listed as set to receive the handset in January. Well, January is here and the first sign of a local launch is to be found in the latest Telechoice catalogue which is offering the handset on a $40 plan. According to Telechoice stores in... Continue reading

Telstra is working on Glassware of their own

Telstra has already shown an interest in Glassware, confirming earlier this year that they are releasing an AFL compatible app for Glass next season, and are actively working on the development of an NRL app as well, now it seems that they are also working on a Glass app for their own service. Announced earlier this morning on their Telstra 24x7 Facebook page, the post simply asks what people would like to see in a Telstra developed app for Google Glass. The responses to the query if Telstra would be stocking Glass when finally made available prompted Telstra... Continue reading

Sony begins Android 4.3 rollout to Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra

The Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra should start seeing Android 4.3 on their handsets quite shortly, with Sony announcing that the rollout is now underway to unlocked handsets. The update will add 'Project Butter' to the phone as well as UI tweaks which adds a 'smoother graphical experience'. Amongst a host of App updates to apps like Messaging, MyXperia, Smart Connect, Small apps, TrackID and Sony Select, Sony has also taken the opportunity to give the Z Ultra the same Smart Social Camera experience that launched on the Z1. There's updates to Sony's media side of things with WALKMAN,... Continue reading