Tablet Apps for the Nexus 7

Since the Nexus 7 started arriving in Australia I've been asked a number of times via Twitter, Google+ and in person 'What Apps should I look at for my Nexus 7'? The Nexus 7 is a pretty ground breaking device with that $250-$300 price point and (now) widespread availability, which means that new owners aren't necessarily people who have used Android before and they are looking around at what they can load on their tablets to utilise them to their fullest. If you are new to Android and specifically Jelly Bean we did a review which you may... Continue reading

Don’t lose your stuff; Back up your Android

When we saw this request on Twitter from Andrew Singh, we thought "what a brilliant idea!" You should do an article on the best way to backup your phone as its beneficial to new users who have come from other platforms! We agreed, so here's just such an article. The team and I have been avid Android users for a couple of years now, and so between us, I'm sure we've discovered a myriad of options for backing up devices, especially those of us tinkering with custom ROMs and frequent upgrades to different builds. While many upgrades do not require... Continue reading