Samsung Galaxy S5 – Australian carrier availability

This morning saw the launch of the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, it's bigger, faster and has more sensors on it than ever before, like the 200 Million customers who've already purchased a Samsung Galaxy S series product, there's millions more waiting to get this latest phone, so we've spoken with local carriers here in Australia to see who will be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5. Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile has advised that they will indeed be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5, but have no immediate information regarding pricing and plans for release. They are also looking at the Gear 2,... Continue reading

Rumour: Nexus 5 to launch on Google Play on October 31st

We're all getting a little antsy regarding a launch of the Nexus 5, we've seen it over and over again - mostly 'accidentally' from the official source - we've seen it's internals and externals multiple times and we even know a starting price; but we don't have an official release date yet. What we do have is rumours, and today there's one more. There's been multiple rumours regarding release dates for the Nexus 5, we received a tip that it would be announced October 14th, but it seems that, that was apparently the technical... Continue reading

Proposed changes to the use of Electronic devices in-flight set to hit the US – what about Australia?

When travelling on aircraft around the world, you are required to turn off your portable electronic devices during take off and landing; while you can use them again after an aircraft has achieved cruising altitude, the period of not being able to use the devices between take-off and landing has frustrated a large number of air travellers. Now a new recommendation by a panel in the US, could see the governing body for flight regulations in the USA - the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) - relax those standards to allow for use of devices for the entire duration of... Continue reading

Samsung’s new range of devices available in Australia “soon”

Off the back of the IFA events overnight has come a rush of Press releases, Samsung have been quick to notify media outlets this morning of their intent to release the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear Smartwatch and Note 10.1 (2014 edition) in Australia soon. Following the success of the Samsung GALAXY Note range in Australia, we are excited to confirm that Samsung GALAXY Note 3 as well as the innovative new GALAXY Gear and the GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) will all be launching in Australia soon. Pricing and availability information will be made available closer to the launch... Continue reading

Updated: Jelly Bean rolling out to SGSIII phones

Update: Another reader, acceler8er has informed us that his "unbranded" SGSIII has also received the JB update. One of our readers, Matthew Cranley has just made us aware that the SGSIII phones on the Virgin Network are starting to receive Jellybean, 4.1.2. This update has been long awaited for most SGSIII owners, and it will be interesting to see what improvements it will make to the premium handset. Edited to add: On the off chance, I checked my SGSIII that is on the Live Connected network. It also was ready to receive the Jelly Bean update. Continue reading

HTC One SV coming to Optus 4G

HTC has announced that they will be releasing the HTC one SV onto the Optus Network initially with the phone also going to Virgin Mobile as of the 1st of December. This is the third Android device available on the Optus 4G network which is expanding at a good rate and is now available in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Surfers Paradise and Brisbane CBD. The One SV does only come with 8GB of storage on-board however as with previous One series phones they are offering Dropbox and SkyDrive integration with the Dropbox option giving customers 25 gigabytes of free online... Continue reading

Plan Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III 4G on Optus, Virgin Mobile

If you're desperate to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G then you're very likely going to get it from either Optus or Virgin Mobile -- both are offering it before it launches next month on Telstra -- so we thought we'd do a quick comparison of similar plans from both carriers. If you're after a better, far-reaching 4G network, then you're best to wait it out until Telstra announces prices. Virgin Mobile is using Optus's mobile network, so there's no need to compare those two in that regard.   Optus Virgin Plan Cost $60/mo $59/mo Repayments $7/mo $7/mo Cap Credit $650 $700 Total Cost $1,608 $1,584 Data 1.5GB 3GB Calls Unlim Optus - 90c/min... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III 4G now available for pre-order on Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile have this morning announced that they'll also be selling the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G and it's available for pre-order right now. Virgin are accessing Optus' new 4G network -- no surprises there -- and are even offering fairly affordable plans. For $66 you get 3GB of data (inc. 4G) Virgin don't have a set release date just yet, though they have written on their site "rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G will be available late September". If you pre-order now it will shipped as soon it's available. Continue reading

Virgin begins rolling out Samsung Galaxy Tablets to aircraft

According to Australian Business Traveller, Virgin Australia has completed their pilot and it obviously went well they are rolling out Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets to aircraft servicing the majority of their domestic and short-haul network including trans-Tasman flights this month. The tablet will be available free of charge to business class customers and on flights over three hours in length to flexi far guests -subject to availability. No comment on if economy class would have access to the tablets. The tablets will come pre-loaded with a range of TV Shows(Air Crash Investigations?), Movies(Flying High?) and Music however Virgin advised... Continue reading

Maintenance update rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung have today pushed out a maintenance update to its flagship Galaxy S III which is said to improve stability and overall performance for Android 4.0.4. We heard back from users who have received the update -- which has rolled out to Optus, Telstra, Virgin and generic Galaxy S IIIs so far -- who have said that the ROM/Kernel has been updated from LE6 to LF2. @Ausdroid @Statts78 the phone was already 4.0.4 out of the box. It said "stability improvements", the ROM/kernel was LE6, they're now LF2— Nick Fletcher (@omniwolf) July 11, 2012 Continue reading

Optus’s HTC One V stock recalled from stores (updated)

We've been informed by a trusted source of ours that the HTC One V stock that was to be sold by Optus -- the device hasn't launched or been announced yet -- has been recalled. We aren't yet able to confirm the reasoning behind the recall, but we do know this is going to push back the release date of the device for an unknown period of time. Looks like all those dummy units aren't going to see the light of day in Optus stores for some... Continue reading

HTC One S launching July 1st on Virgin Mobile’s Big Plan 39?

We've received a tip-off from persons familiar with the matter suggesting that the HTC One S will be launching on Virgin Mobile come July 1st. While the idea of a launch on Virgin is completely plausible, a Sunday launch date isn't. Perhaps we'll see it launch during the week of July 1st instead. Our source has said that pricing will be $0 on Virgin Mobile's "BIG PLAN 39" which includes $650 of credit as well as 2.5GB of mobile data -- not too shabby if you ask us. This information reinforces a possible release on Optus as well,... Continue reading