Plan Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III on Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Crazy John’s, Virgin

Want to know which carrier is offering great value on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III? Take a look at our always awesome table comparing the major telcos and their similarly priced plans. Remember, you have to take into account your own personal preference, each networks capabilities in your area and all that wonderful stuff before coming to a conclusion. Each to their own! Let's begin.   Vodafone Optus Telstra Crazy John's Virgin Plan Cost $59/mo $60/mo $59/mo $55/mo $59/mo Repayments $5/mo $5/mo $13/mo $0 $5/mo Cap Credit $750 $650 $550 $750 $700 Total Cost $1,536 $1,440 $1,728 $1,320 $1,536 Data 1.5GB 1.5GB 1.5GB 2GB 3GB Calls 98c/min (+40c) Unlim Optus - 90c/min (+35c) 90c/min (+35c) Unlim CJs - 99c/min (+40c) Unlim Virgin - 99c/min (+40c) SMS Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Unlim national Video Call $1.47/min (+40c) $1.00/min (+40c) 90c/min (+35c) $1/min 99c/min (+40c) MMS 55c 50c 50c 50c 60c Int. SMS Unlim int. 50c 50c 35c 45c Int. MMS 55c 75c 75c 50c 60c Link Continue reading

How to root the HTC One X

Looking to root your brand new HTC One X that you just purchased from Optus, Vodafone, Crazy John's, Virgin or outright from somewhere? Well you're in luck. Paul at MoDaCo has released a method to root your brand new device, and it's fairly simple and straightforward. We're going to tell you right now we take no responsibility for any problems that arise from you unlocking the full potential of your HTC One X. Instructions.. Download InsecureBootAndRoot r2 .zip file Extract the contents of the .zip to a directory on your computer Boot your One X into bootloader mode --... Continue reading

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note headed to Optus, Virgin in mid-March

Our tipster has sent us through confirmation of the Galaxy Note on Optus in the form of the Allphone catalogue. The device is indeed launching in mid-March on Optus' $79 cap. Virgin will also be picking up the device around about the same time, no doubt on a pricing scheme to undercut Optus. For that price, are there still any of our readers that will be jumping on board? Continue reading

Rumour: Optus and Virgin have a Galaxy Note release date of mid-March, free on $79 cap (update!)

Confirmed: We have confirmation that Optus and Virgin Mobile will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Release date is mid-March. We've received a tip off that Optus and Virgin Mobile are planning to release the Samsung Galaxy Note in the middle of this month. The tipster said that pricing is set at $0 on a $79 cap, which to us seems a little high for Virgin but we'll see how it plays out. We were also informed that Allphones will be selling the Galaxy Note outright at the same time, but haven't locked in a price at this... Continue reading

Android 2.3.5 update for HTC Incredible S from Optus rolling out now

Optus and HTC are today rolling out the Android 2.3.5 update for the HTC Incredible S which bumps Sense UI up to version 3.0 with a few new UI tweaks and performance increases to boot. As always we recommend charging your device up to full (or close to) and downloading the update over a stable Wi-Fi connection. You can start the update process by going to "Settings -> About phone -> Software Updates". Goodluck, have fun and tell us how you go. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Vodafone announced with pricing, order now!

Here we go, the flood gates have opened. Vodafone has just tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus is now available for pre-order and is launching at $5 on the $59 Cap. The cap offers $750 of Calls and 2GB of data. If you order the device now you'll receive it before the 16th of December, a fair chunk of time before Christmas. Now that Vodafone have released their pricing and we have Optus' yet-to-be-confirmed pricing, it's up to Telstra to announce their plans for the Galaxy Nexus -- this may happen at the December 14th event. Optus' subsidiary,... Continue reading

Virgin to launch the Galaxy Nexus on the $0 on Fair Go 59 – The wars begin

And so it begins. Today, it seems that Virgin have made the Galaxy Nexus available to customers. Virgin are launching the handset $0 on the Fair Go plan, which entitles the customer to $700 of calls and text and 3GB of data on a 24 month contract. Considering Optus are launching on the $79 Cap, this is a pretty good deal, with still a large enough entiltement of value for a wealth of fun. I can also confirm that the Galaxy Nexus is... Continue reading

Android 2.3.4 update is go for Xperia Play on Virgin and Optus, Xperia Arc on Virgin

Sony Ericsson have begun the roll-out of the Android 2.3.4 "Gingerbread" update for the Xperia Series starting with the Xperia Play on Optus and Virgin, and the Xperia Arc on Virgin. The update was meant to begin in October, but hey, a week into November isn't too bad considering how long some updates can be postponed for. The update will bring continuous auto-focus for the Xperia Play along with the ability to switch on and off the auto-brightness setting -- an option not available on the Xperia Arc or Xperia Neo. The new camera application... Continue reading

Australian Tablet Round Up. Best Price and Where to Buy.

It's been 2 weeks now since the HP TouchPad Fire Sale that saw state of the art technology being sold for dirt cheap at Harvey Norman for $99 & $149 (16GB & 32GB), this proved beyond reasonable doubt that people are looking to get into the tablet game, but only if the price is right. We now know that we won't be seeing anymore HP TouchPads in Australian stores and the remaining units that are being built are headed for U.S. shores only. So if you missed out on picking up one of the low priced TouchPads and are now suffering... Continue reading

Plan Comparison: Galaxy S II on Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, Crazy John’s and Virgin

Now that all of the major and minor carriers have announced their pricing for the Galaxy S II superphone, we thought we'd do what you guys seem to enjoy - or at least enjoy arguing over - and that's to do a brief comparison of what each carrier will offer you at a certain price. Since carriers are always changing their standard plan prices, we're basing this comparison of $59 caps or a close equivalent if there is no $59 cap. You follow? Good, hit the break. (more…) Continue reading

GSM variant of the HTC EVO 3D announced in the UK, lends credibility to Australian launch rumours

A few days ago we reported on a rumour from a very trusted source that the HTC EVO 3D was making the rounds at Telstra. Before then we didn't really have any official word on a GSM version of this exclusively CDMA device, well that has all changed. Today HTC officially announced the EVO 3D (code-named HTC Shooter) is coming to the UK next month, which means it is a GSM device and seeing as we're a country that also runs GSM networks the rumour now makes perfect sense. Hit the break to read my thoughts on... Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S II lands on Virgin, $5 on the Easy Cap 49

Well it started out on Optus and is now making its way to Virgin. Although not listed on their website yet, we have received word that Samsung Galaxy S II is now available via Virgin dealers, dropping on the Easy Cap 49 with a $5 monthly repayment, and also getting cosy on the Smart Cap 69 and the Topless 99, the handset is free on both of the higher plans. We do know that Telstra and Vodafone are looking at a July release for the handset, so it seems Optus and Virgin get first... Continue reading