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Tonight I thought I’d update the “Buy” page(s).

Many of you may never have been to that part of the site as it previously needed you to be registered & logged in. That is no more, it is now open to everyone!

I have also updated all the phones, with the addition of the HTC Legend. And now when you hover over the name of the phone on the “Buy” page it will load the image of the phone on the right hand side of the page.

Buy Page

  • Updated phone list, added the HTC Legend
  • Phone image loads on page when you hover over the name
  • Added UK stores to all phones
  • Removed “Supported Links” to save from errors

Pic of Hover Over

Comment Posting

Previously posting a comment you needed to be registered & logged in, now anyone can comment allowing for a more open community. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy. These suggestions came from you, so keep them coming: Contact Us

Buzz Moody  

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