I don’t know whether to sing or cry about this one. Sony Ericsson have just posted on their official blog that the whole X10 series (Xperia X10, X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro) will all receive Android 2.1 in Q4. That’s right, they will be releasing a then outdated OS as the main update. Good work SE!

On the plus side..

  • HD video capture at full 720p!
  • WiFi connectivity via DLNA
  • Improvements to both TimeScape & MediaScape

The update will be released via sonyericsson.com

Anyone else excited to wait.. 5-7 Months?!?

Thanks for your patience concerning more information about software upgrades.
UXP (UX platform) is the strategic framework for the core of Sony Ericsson’s portfolio. The Xperia™ X10 family of phones (Xperia™ X10, Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro) are the first products to deliver this unique user interface layer to the market. UXP builds on top of the Android OS and brings together a rich graphical user interface, unrivalled service plug-ins and content from external partners to deliver unique consumer propositions such as Sony Ericsson’s signature applications Mediascape and Timescape™. Through UXP consumers get the best of two worlds, leveraging Sony Ericsson heritage as a leader in communication entertainment and the benefits that the generic Android OS delivers. With UXP Sony Ericsson gives consumers additional value in comparison to generic Android handsets. Sony Ericsson’s strategy is to continue to enrich the UXP layer through software updates.

Some examples of user benefits that will be included in the UXP upgrade for Xperia™ X10 in Q4 2010 are:
– Upgrade to Android OS version 2.1
– HD video recording as per the same execution as Sony Ericsson Vivaz™
– Wireless home connectivity via DLNA
– Improvements to signature applications Timescape™ and Mediascape to make them even smarter and richer

The upgrade will be made available to consumers through the update service at www.sonyericsson.com

I do appreciate that the timing for the upgrade above might not meet some of your expectations and that you will have further detailed questions. I will take them onboard reading your comments and address questions as soon as it is possible for me to share further details.

I would also like to emphasise that there will be an additional smaller software update, already in the next couple of weeks aiming to enhance the usability and performance of Xperia™ X10. In the next post, I will share more details and precise timings for when this update will be released.

We can also confirm that the Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro will be upgraded to Android version 2.1, during Q4 2010.

[Via: Sony Ericsson]

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thanks a lot for this brilliant essay

Elyse Rummer

I suppose there are heaps of people like me, who stumble across various solid blogs or websites by luck. Your site appears to have got a great community and a positive blogosphere presence. Its right to hold absorbing and assorted views on issues.


Waitng until Q4 for the Android update isn’t the worse thing in the world – it’s not like Windows Mobile has been updated since 2002… At least not properly anyway…


Your web site is outstanding I will have to read it all, thank you for the diversion from my studies!

jimmy cychowski

Some may cry and whinge about the delay of an upgrade and it is kind of warranted considering 2.X will be out by then but this phone is just so damn good I don’t care.


If it’s late Q4, the next version after Froys might be ready for release! Things are happening quickly on the Android front. Phone manufacturer’s miss the whole point of Android by heavily customising the software, making updates take longer and depriving their customers of the latest software.


I have to admit that this phone keeps getting better and better! i’m even considering it!
you can’t ignore it’s huge screen, and innovative social centric UI. and now with HD video capture, and Android 2.1 (how is this outdated? more dat 30% of Androids out there are still 1.5!) it’s an impressive spec (with it’s 1GHz Snapdragon…)


No word on the on again off again multitouch upgrade…


They keep saying different things… I was going to get this phone, probably like thousands of others until it didn’t have MT.