How do you prefer to purchase your Android Device?

Thanks to everyone who placed their votes in this weeks poll. It’s good to see who you guys trust & prefer to give your money to for an Android Device.

I left the poll pretty broad, but I think I covered nearly everything. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Ahh yes, our good ole’ trusty Google Piechart! Pointless, yet colourful.

This weeks results breakdown:

  • From a Carrier – 77 Votes – 51%
  • Import from overseas – 35 Votes – 23%
  • From a local seller – 28 Votes – 18%
  • eBay! – 12 Votes – 8%

Good to see most of you wanting to feed your money to the mouths of the animals we call Carriers. Although it is the only way for you to pay for it over a long period of time and get your calls + texts thrown in. For those of us that just want to buy it outright and call it all ours right away, it looks like you get it from overseas. I myself do this as it’s significantly cheaper, but you sometimes –rarely– risk quality & warranty. Then there are the people that support home grown business by purchasing from an online or retail store within Australia such as MobiCity, well done guys. Last but not least, the dare devils that love the thrill of bidding for days on their dream phone on eBay. Good stuff to you 8 adrenaline seekers!

Thanks to “rabiez52” for this weeks poll. Any ideas for next weeks??

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