Now here’s a device that has just popped up out of no where. The Motorola Quench or the Cliq XT has made it’s way into Optus with hardly anyone noticing. Which probably isn’t a bad thing, the last time they threw a launch party, the two devices were terrible.

The hardware is very much the same as the Motorola Cliq, except the quench has a capacitive trackpad & no hardware keyboard. Otherwise they are almost identical hardware wise.

Optus has the Quench available for $0 upfront on the $19 Social Plan (over 24mths).

[Via: Optus]

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10 years ago

I cant say I like this phone, its not terrible appealing lol, but motorola has always made phones that way haha.

Tia Porter
Reply to  Hugo
10 years ago

What i really do not get is why they never released the Milestone in Australia. It is, to date, the only Motorola phone i have wanted to get and it’s looking to be the only Motorola phone i will ever get.

10 years ago

Motoblur+Optus= Deal with the devil
Motoblur+Vodafone= Happier me and with a company with no drop calls and dropped 3G constantly (Points finger at Optus and puts them at shame) Would love to see the Motorola Devour made into a GSM but scared Optus will try and take that from the rest of us :'(

Marné Prinsloo
Reply to  greviousmcg
10 years ago

Why Devour?

If they will ever bring slider QWERTY, they should have chosen Milestone instead.

Reply to  Marné Prinsloo
10 years ago

Yes but I mostly use my phone for Facebook and Twitter so Motoblur would be great because the Facebook and Seemic widget isn’t cutting it and looks like my Vodafone HTC Magic won’t be upgrade anymore from 1.6