Sony Ericsson has just informed us that Vodafone has relaunched the Xperia X10 after it’s delay a few weeks back. We were told the initial release just wasn’t right & the devices weren’t ready.

So let’s see if they can keep the X10’s on the shelf for more than 2 days this time!

So check it out at the Vodafone Store.

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Anyone know what the X10 is like to use. Bit worried about the UI but interesting to see what people think about it


Yes I don’t like the 1.5 bit. Its sad that even my now aged HTC Magic is 1.6 and will be getting a update sometime soon this year (Vodafone’s Twitter page mentions new update)


actually liked it – despite the aged OS version – I can only imagine by the time Froyo hits this it will seriously ROCK

-having said that, I’m still gonna wait for the Samsung Galaxy S


Any ideas on whether it will be released in white in australia? :/ and if not, how do people know this?


First of all, thanks buzz moody for the reply!
But that orange UK exclusive doesn’t mean its exclusive only to them in the entire world;; Can’t xperia x10 white be released in australia as a marketing purpose later on couple of months down the track? thanks, im just really dying to get my hands on one of them now


Too be honest. I don’t like the UI of the X10. Just want that N1 or maybe the Legend just released


Any ideas on why it didnt work in the first place?


in UK or australia?


oic..vodafone suddenly announce few phones lately..not bad
hope N1 coming soon and no need to tie with 24 months contract like X10