What mobile phone plan do you prefer? && What length do you prefer on a plan?

Thanks once again to everyone who placed their votes in this weeks poll.

This weeks poll was a bit different with two polls in one, so to speak. Click “Read More” for all the info.

O’ Google Piechart, how I love you so!

This weeks results breakdown:

  • Mainly Data – 35 Votes – 60.3%
  • Mainly Texts – 9 Votes – 15.5%
  • Mainly Voice – 14 Votes – 24.2%

Not surprising this one, because it’s kind of a fact that our smart phones need data *hint hint to the carriers*! It’s a shame that more of the carriers don’t include more data in their plans/caps. This poll also shows that less people are worried about their text & voice costs, and more worried about data, mainly because of the incredible wads of cash you have to pay out once you go over your 5MB limit.

This weeks results breakdown:

  • Month to Month – 26 Votes – 50%
  • Contract – 26 Votes – 50%

This result I found a little more surprising. I was expecting there to be quite a difference between the two, mainly with more people headed towards contracts, but that’s evidently not the case this day and age. You guys obviously prefer bringing your own device to the carrier, probably because you purchased the latest Android Device from overseas, rather than waiting 12 months for it to reach our shores and branded “Brand New!”.

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