So the guys over at Lifehacker have a bit of a poll going, and I think we need to get over there and show our love for Android, right?

Pretty much, they just want to see who owns which types of phones and why. Which coincides nicely with the poll we having running (over to your right), so be sure to chuck your vote in there 😉

So go on, head over!

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    I’ve had a Magic and got a Nexus One pretty much at release. I’d like to upgrade to something new but can’t justify it when the Desire is only marginally better and the Incredible is CDMA only anyway. The Samsung styling doesn’t do anything for me at all. I sold my Magic to a mate for cheap and he’s now itching for an upgrade… he is soooo sold on Incredible but obviously it’s a no go. I think he might settle for a Legend. Another mate is looking at the Xperia but I’m trying to shy him off that 1.6… Read more »


    What?! How can it be a 50/50 split!#? Lol I’m on my 2nd android already!! Come on.. stop diddy doddling and pick one up.

    I recommend the Nexus One. It’s killer, just buy one, and if you are worried about up front cost, just get any phone from your current carrier on contract and sell it on eBay.


    N1 is cool..i am waiting for Vodafone to release..i hope it wont take me so long…
    btw, usually when vodafone want to release a new phone, they will announce it a week earlier first?