So I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Dell Streak in comparison to what the Notion Ink – Adam has to offer.

For those of you that don’t know about the Dell Streak: It’s a 5″ tablet, but it can also make & receive calls. It’s powered by the usual 1GHz Snapdragon CPU & has a multitouch capable capacitive display showing of 480×800 pixels. Full specs can be found at PDADB.

Do you guys like the idea of having a somewhat bulky device that can act as a Tablet as well as a Phone, or do you prefer having your Tablet & Phone seperate? Or better still, do you hate the idea of the Tablet?

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I’ve actually held the streak and it fits in my pocket, it looks great and the reaction of the screen is quite good. I don’t see a problem with it I just wish it is released to telstra in aus. the wait is killing me arrg!!


i have a nexus and want bigger. i use belt pouches (horizontal not verticle)and have seen the 4.3″ Evo and think that would be a great upgrade. I cant picture what a 5″ ‘tablet’ would look like but if its like the new 5″ navmans i walk past in the department stores then I can picture that in a slim version around ones waist quite easily. I really wouldnt call 5″ a tablet though, its just a big phone. 7″+ is what I would start to refer to as a tablet as but then again – who made me the… Read more »


Not fit in my pocket comfortably (which this doesn’t really, I’ve seen the videos and it looks ridiculous) = not want as something to be my phone.

I think 4″ is pushing it, so 5 is just silly.

But that’s me, if it’s not fitting in my pocket, I’m not carrying it around with me everywhere.


i think i like it. but will have to hold it to really know its size and if it will work.
but have you seen engadget wail on it?


If it’s too big to fit in one’s pocket then it better have at least a 10″+ screen. So I guess that means I prefer my phone (<4") and tablet separate, and will therefore wait for the ADAM or Lattice. It feels like they're trying to fill out every single little crevice between mobile phone and desktop.


If i was going to spend money i would want something with 7″+ for a tablet, my nexus one has 3.7″ screen which is good enough for browsing, i would like 7″+ for a tablet around the house and on the move in car/flights

Gary W

I might be interested if it is cost-comparable with a phone ($50?) and netbook ($300?)… and can take arbitrary SIMs for my choice of plan, and Android can be upgraded easily at low or no cost… oh, and a Bluetooth keyboard 🙂 ($50?)


Simple: the more screen realestate the better. The more you can see the more you can learn and do. I’m happy with my Desire but I’d still go for the biggest screen I can get. Especially for information-rich applications like Google Maps – you want to see as much map as possible to provide context but also as much POI information as possible too.

Ahmed El Zein

I absolutely love it. It is supposed to go for $500 in the US. I am thinking that it offers more bang for buck then most of the android mobiles. I would have liked a bit higher resolution though.

Marné Prinsloo

If the tablet uses the same charger then i wouldn’t mind having them separate. But if the tablet needs a different charger, then I’d rather have it as one so I only worry about one charger.

The problem is, a lot of manufacturers use proprietary connectors.


I really like the fact that you can use it as a phone if need be, I think it looks a bit goofy, but bluetooth is good for something right?