So I received a few accessories for my HTC Desire in the mail thanks to Mr Gadget.

I have never been a big fan of accessories, as I have never felt the need for them, things have changed. From Mr Gadget, I received the following:

  • HTC Desire dock w/ spare battery charger
  • 3 Covers/Cases
    • Clear solid plastic
    • Transparent soft blue plastic
    • Opaque squishy rubber
  • Car charger

Small review type deal after the break

I think it’s fair to say the Dock is the greatest thing since sliced bread for anyone that uses their device as a clock/alarm like I do. Using the Night Clock app when in the dock is fantastic, the screen is dark enough that you don’t notice it’s on, whilst still clearly seeing the time. It’s also great as you can give your Desire the vital nightly recharge that it needs!

The Cases aren’t quite my thing, but would be quite useful for anyone who exposes their device to my harsh conditions where they may drop it. The softer Case would be quite good at stopping a lot of force when/if you drop your Desire. All of them easily stop water from seeping in, if you have you’re device laying somewhere wet. It’s always good to have these extra safeguards.

Car chargers, everyone needs one! There is no point in getting a Smartphone and not having a car charger. If you travel anywhere for the day and you’re wanting to use Google Maps for some directions, you can kiss that battery life goodbye. So the Car charger is essential!

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car chargers are convenient to use whenever you need to charge your cellphones “”

Concrete Molds ·

most battery chargers do not have an automatic termincation if the batteries are fully charged already *

Car Equalizers 

our car charger used these long life metal alloys that can withstand several years of use-,.

Double Headboard 

some battery chargers are fire harazd so be careful when using one;.:

Harrison Ward

may friend had a china made battery charger and it overheated after a week”–


i have wondered about that, what is the point of making the phone attractive if it is fragile and needs to wear a suit of armor… why not attractive AND tough…


Buzz, that is sooo ‘action man’…


What a shame they didn’t include a FUNCTIONING battery. And who wants to cover their beautifully designed phone with an ugly, awkward cover?
Once again manufacturers have been exposed for building overly fragile telephones. I cannot help feeling that HTC (and others) are taking the public for a ride in rushing out supposedly super, whizz-bang mobiles that are simply not good enough for the intended purpose.


I decided to go for this car-charger:

A charger and FM-transmitter in one package makes sense to me since my old car’s radio can’t quite do the Bluetooth or USB thing.