Finally! HTC have confirmed with me that the HTC Hero sold via Harvey Norman will receive Android 2.1 in an update before the 29th of June. It was postponed due to minor tweaks they had to make.

After receiving some more data from field analysis, we have decided to tweak a few things on the ROM and will have the update ready before the end of June (6/29)

You deserve it after the long wait, Hero owners!

Keep an eye on THIS LINK for the update around the 29th

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I received FOTA update today, Wednesday 21st July. It’s still installing at the moment. Wondering if I need to backup or not.


So, it’s 20 days after the date above… still nothing… any updates?????


I got mine the other day. I’ve been OS for a few weeks and got the notification when I put in a prepaid sim – paying through the nose for data. Couldn’t get near a hotspot to download it. It didn’t give me the notification when I got back, so I was a bit disappointed, but advancing the date one month certainly did the trick for me. Small update followed by large update, no data lost. 2.1 running. I’ve read all over the place that the update would wipe your phone like some of the 1.5 ROM updates available on… Read more »


But then again my hero was an expansys purchase, a European build.


It is being reported on Whirlpool forums that HTC have pulled this update for Australia and it could be late July or August before it is released.
Funny seeing everywhere else in the world it is being rolled out fine!!!!!


Hello, I am from Denmark, so I have downloaded the new update, which is available here now, AND received the FOTA update too, without having to change the date or anything. The big update is just a stock 1.5 rom, which cleans everything on the phone! And then i receive a 4.(something) FOTA for my device and i downloaded it… But nothing visible happened at all.. Still running 1.5, just with a new Build number (2.73.405.94) So my guess would be that this was just a test on how the big 2.1 update is going to take place, and hopefully… Read more »


Thanks to HTC for actually giving a crap about the Hero now how about it’s older slightly less attractive brother the Magic eh? Seriously feel like Australian tech consumers are sometimes treated like second class citizens after they’ve bitten the bait and bought their phones, and on contract too!