Friday , May 25 2018

HTC Wildfire headed to Telstra?

Now take this one with a grain of salt, but it comes from a source that has been pretty spot on in the past.

The source claims to have multiple leaked official ROMs for the HTC Wildfire, and one of those is a specific Telstra version (Telstra bloatware, *yay*). I could see why Telstra would want it, it looks exactly like the Desire shrunk down, and can be sold to people that don’t want the Desire because of it’s high price & features they might not need. The Wildfire suits a whole new audience.

Obviously no release date or prices yet. But being an official signed ROM, it means it’s ready to go & HTC says the Wildfire goes into production in July-August.

Does anyone here fancy the Wildfire?

Buzz Moody  

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5 Comments on "HTC Wildfire headed to Telstra?"

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Valued Guest

Silly Telstra, when will they ever learn.

Valued Guest

ooh i’ve been lusting after the red one for a while. but telstra bloatware is not cool.

Pepe Le Pew
Valued Guest
Pepe Le Pew

Telstra have just announced they are launching the LG Optimus – another good entry level android option on $49 cap.

Valued Guest

if it wasn’t on telstra maybe

Valued Guest

Telstra are continuing their strong relationship with HTC, unfortunately 🙁

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