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June 23, 2010
| ~ 9 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S confirmed for July 1st roll-out on Optus

By Buzz Moody

If the above picture from Techanist doesn’t confirm (see the “Optus Zoo” & “My Account” apps) the fact Optus will roll-out the Galaxy S from the 1st, maybe Optus’s offical word will.

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Optus have informed Gizmodo of the release, and even given them a device to test out (don’t worry, I’m getting mine tomorrow ;)). The Galaxy S will be available on the $59 ‘Social’ Cap over 24 months with an includes a nice 1GB of data per month. That’s possibly the best deal ever!

For those of you wondering on the specs:

  • 1GHz Hummingbird CPU
  • 800×480 Super AMOLED capacitive display
  • 720p video @ 30fps (5MP camera)
  • GPS, Bluetooth & Wifi b/g/n
  • 8/16GB inbuilt storage

Psst: If you don’t like Optus, both Telstra & VHA will be picking it up after the exclusivity with Optus is up.

[Via: Gizmodo] [Picture: Techanist]

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Buzz Moody

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  • great news buzz,
    i've been following this the galaxy S for a while now, and it's definitely top 3 (droid X, EVO 4G, and Galaxy S)
    few questions:
    - any news about the galaxy s Pro (physical keyboard)?
    - what limitations does optus have on the unit?
    - my HTC Dream bought from optus, after 1.6 update, they disabled google search widget to return results in contacts or apps installed
    - couldn't install voice data in the text-to-voice in the settings

    After all the pain i've gone through from optus' sad dealings with android phone owners, i swore that i'm gonna leave as soon as contract finishes. if she unit isn't locked, or galaxy s pro comin soon unlocked, i'm gonna buy them outright

    • i had a dream form optus and had none of the issues that you talked about, the only issue was the lack of paid apps, and this has been resolved, i have also tested every other android handset from optus and none have any of these restrictions

  • what do you do with all the phones you get given? I say you should have a competition and give them away! many of us want an android phone!!!

    • Review devices are sent to me and I have to send them back after a week or so, that's how it works. Very rarely does someone give you a device for nothing.

      • ohhh.... and here i was thinking you were hording robots for yourself buzz!! hahaha nah i figured you had to send them back or something

  • i really like this phone, its a great price and seems to run quite well. I just dont like the look

  • It's an awesomely specced phone with just too much iPhone 3 styling in physical and Android customisation senses.

    I'd still get one... except I'm in the bracket of $30 or less monthly plans. So while I won't get one of these its price is awesome as it puts pressure on more 'mid range' phones to be priced into my price bracket... Huzzah!

    I can't believe that Optus of all are doing the best deals at present.

  • Yeah it's weird for Optus to be doing all of these great deals...but at the same time it's good because as spoco said, it will drive the prices of the mid-range phones down.

    Now, if only Virgin would catch on and offer some great handsets. (not going to hold my breath)

      • Haha the price of all the other Android phones have dropped on Optus... Can they actually bring Galaxy S that low? The X10 is still the same though.

      • yeah ive found if you go to places that sell optus(or other carriers phones) not to oput store you can get some better deals if ur willing to bargain. or if ur already a optus customer go to them and they might do u a deal to keep you happy. last time i was with 3 on the $49 cap and got a phone off the $69 for $0

  • You mentioned that"both Telstra & VHA will be picking it up after the exclusivity with Optus is up". How long will that be?

    • They have the exclusive for one month, so soon after that.

      Also, I have the Galaxy S in hand. Going to play with it all tomorrow then start a review tomorrow evening :)

    • "Ausdroid, what the hell is that?!"

      Haha, nah righto mate, should have a review up this weekend. I've decided to do it in one post like the Desire review. So if you don't like reading >3000 words, split it up into categories yourself :P

  • The techanist post above has an update

    "Update: I have received a tip pointing towards an outright price of $549, however this is not confirmed."

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