It’s not everyday you see ‘Telstra’ and ‘Competitive’ in the one sentence, but times are beginning to change it seems. Telstra have lowered the HTC Desire down to the extremely competitive price of $49/mo with no phone repayments.

The $49 cap includes 200MB of data and $400 of nation SMS, MMS & calls over a 24 month contract.

Telstra now have a phone deal that beats, if not matches, what Optus are offering with the Galaxy S ($59) and what Vodafone are offering with both the Nexus One ($79) & HTC Legend ($49).

Be on the lookout here from tomorrow onwards: Telstra – HTC Desire.

[Via: Telstra]

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I mean, does anyone have any idea when telstra exclusive rights to HTC desire finishes and if anyone knows which carrier will have it?? =D


Any idea when the 3month is over? Or which carrier will have it??

mo buksh

I think part of the reason Telstra is getting competitive with the Desire is because they are soon to lose their 3 month exclusive. It’s interesting to see Telstra slowly being outdone on their fixed services, mobile coverage and internet services. Telstra still has a huge footprint but with an expanding coverage and userbase from other carriers, its going to be a very different communications environment for Telstra in the coming years. Not to mention having to lease out their infrastructure and losing their fixed service to the NBN. Anyhu, I hope the Desire comes out on VHA (Three Australia… Read more »


WHY are the Teltra apps on the Desire such a nuisance? There’s plenty of space, surely? When viewing text mesages on the Desire, can you read them in a thread as on the fanboyphone?

Uncle Brad

This is the way i see it. If you wanna get rid of the Telstra Apps for the Desire then you have to root and rom. Same goes for the Galaxy if you wanna get rid or TouchWiz. The Optus Plan is $10 bucks more expensive but give you 800mb more data and unlimited sms. Both Telstra and Optus charge 80c /min on calls. Telstra charge in 30sec blocks, not sure about Optus. Flagfall is about the same. Video calls are more expensive on Optus by 45c/min but who really uses that. Telstra give $400/month and Optus $450. The thing… Read more »


I’m on the 49 cap plan with $6 pm handset repayments. Not upset by this at all. I wish Telstra increased the data packs, I’m gonna have to upgrade to the 500mb one cos its too easy to smash the default 200mb plan. Definately a response to the Galaxy S on optus and nexus one on vodafone. I’d say this is a better deal as long as u get the 500mb browsing pack. Telstra apps aren’t a problem at all, they take up stuff all space, just remove the shortcuts from the desktop or whatever you call it. I just… Read more »


How does this beat Optus’ deal on the Galaxy S? It might be cheaper, but as far as I can tell, you’re still getting better value for money with Optus’ social cap (the $59 one). What am I missing here?


How about 10+ telstra apps vs 4 optus apps??


And if you plan on rooting and flashing? 😛


will there be a problem if you’re taking optus contract and root + rom the galaxy s? maybe you could give the tutorial


check the call rates, i’m pretty sure its a lot less than opts per minute


Good strategic move by Telstra in lieu of Vodafone having the HTC Legend on the $49 cap as well and of course launching the Google Nexus One on a $79 plan.

Vodafone slow to move on launching HTC Legend on 3 Mobile, just goes to show that since the take over of 3 Mobile that product choice for 3 customers are limited and treated as second class customers.

As such I will bite the bullet and cancel my 3 contract tomorrow and take advantage of Telstra’s new offer. My Loyalty to 3 has counted for nothing.

John Boxall

wow – nice one Telstra.


The Decisions just get harder to make!

HTC User

Damm you Telstra!!, I just bought this phone on the $49 cap with $12 pm handset repayments!!! :s


U can get ur plan cancelled and start a new $49 cap plan with fully subsidised htc desire. U will still need to pay for the existing repayments for time left in your contract! However, u can have two HTC desires for $12 every month!!! Telstra does not charge anything for breaking your $49 (without a phone, in ur case it is MRO) contract if you sign for new 24 months. However, they can terminate the existing repayments of $12 and spread the cost over months remaining on your current contract!! Its actually a win situation for u, u can… Read more »


dam I forgot about the apps, I was going to grab one of these as well!

toasty warm telstra

DAMN YOU TELSTRA!! Why not at release ?
Typed on my HTC Desire


Whats ur current plan?


wow thats actually a decent price, now if only they can get rid of the crappy apps they add and get some decent service people might start buying from them


WOW…what to get?
i love what going on with the carriers atm.
i still want the streak.