Goodness, isn’t July the month for Android news, and I think we’ve hit the jackpot on this one!

Optus has FINALLY put the Motorola Milestone up on its shelves! It may be 6 months late, and really bad timing, but there is still a lot of hype with this device.

The Milestone, which packs a 600MHz CPU, 3.7″ 854×480 display & full QWERTY keyboard, can be purchased from Optus on the $49 ‘yes’ Social Cap for $0, which has $420 of credit and 500MB of data.

Anyone still interested in the Milestone?

Thanks Shaun!

[Via: Optus]

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telstra insider

got some inside info from a friend who works for telstra december 2010 running android 2.1 on next g network


i agree with mo… the lack of gingerbread potential on the droid makes it a second tier Droid phone. Unless there was a desperate need for physical keyboard i would be inclined to avoid it!


Are Telstra/Optus trying to bankrupt Vodafone/3? They have gone from the most affordable plans with the worst coverage to the worst coverage with the worst plans? Desire, Galaxy S, Milestone all on betters plans

Vodafone to Vodafone/3 is great but the data limits are a joke…

mo buksh

This is a good phone but Phandroid is reporting a rumour that Gingerbread has a minimum specification of: – 3.5 inch screen (no problems here) – 1ghz (no) – 512mb of RAM (no again) Source: This phone is still a great device, it may just have issues updating past Froyo unless a custom build can be made. At this stage, I would say its might be wise to choose a device with upgrade-compatible specs, especially a newer device that would stand a better chance of being updated to gingerbread (rumoured to be released December 2010). That being said, you… Read more »


Yo Mo,

Exactly what I was thinking.

Upgrade lite = 🙁


“Murtazin is backtracking on his earlier comments, claiming that Gingerbread and Android 3.0 aren’t in fact the same thing and that the Q4 release may be more like Android 2.3.”


Dude, with all the Rooting + ROMing you’re doing you should prob change your name to DroidStud or something. He he. 🙂


Na dude And Rubin or Eric Schmidt or somebody came out and said that that was all BS


Milestone is old spec unfortunately, still nice, but hardware is lacking. Hey Buzz are you one of the droids that tried to disable Master Kenobi’s ship or are you the one who says “I come in peace”? Or some other reason for the name? I’ve been wondering, that’s all. You don’t have to say if it’s private 🙂


It’s from Revenge of the Sith, I think, only a couple of mins from the start, his ship is “crawling with buzz droids”. The other quote you may recognise as Buzz Lightyear (or lite snack, according to Woody, LOL). Sorry for the off topic.


Still a good bargain!


huh, too late ;(, im in love with Samsung epic nw 😀 lol, anynews about it?? or i shall go grab Milestone ????


Nope, not interested!
and the Samsung Galaxy S Pro (the one with the physical keyboard) turned out to be 4G 🙁 so pretty much useless for me as my travels take me to countries with 2G only! so i need a 2G/3G.

So it’s the Droid 2 for me 🙂 Milestones’ twin brother on steroids 🙂


You do realise that just because it supports 4G it doesn’t mean it doesn’t support 2G/3G.


Imported it 6 months ago and STILL love it!