After thinking Optus were going to let me down, they have come through with the goods by indeed lowering the price of the Galaxy S to $0 on the $49 ‘yes’ Social plan & ‘yes’ Cap.

So, who’s going to grab one?

Source: Optus Store.
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Longtime reader, first time poster.
Thanks fornyhis awesome news! Got my Galaxy S today (held out for this offer). Typing this in my iPod touch though and after using swype, going back to this crappy system is killing my life 😛

Marné Prinsloo

tell me, am I the only one that thinks the Super AMOLED screens are a bit blurry compared to Xperia X10 and Milestone?


Just sold my first one today (work at Telechoice) and had a good fiddle (um i mean setting up 😛 )
i am now so envious. the reviews where people talk about the “cool” AMOLED screen just doesnt do justice.. its.. AWEEESOME. had i not got my nexus one i would right now be in a 24 month contract with optus hehe 😀
sure it only runs android 2.1 for now but seriously who cares…
fast, sleek, tad on the big side (although the fone is less than 1cm thick!).

as for stash… um. did ya get insurance? 😛 lol


I had just got the old Samsung Galaxy Icon i7500 only just over a month ago…. Its very annoying having this come out on the same plan… I want the newer one 🙁


if they drop moto Milestone to 29 ill take it, otherwise ill grab galaxy S 😀


if the website would let me I would have one now!