Well this comes as no surprise as we’ve been onto this since the start, but Telstra has now made it official.

They will be releasing the HTC Wildfire in August, although no pricing has been announced, Telstra have stated that pricing will be “aggressive” just like it was with the HTC Desire, and that it will be priced lower than the Desire. Well, we bloody hope so. Telstra are pretty much marketing it as the Desire, but smaller & more social network oriented.

The HTC Wildfire is a direct opponent to both the SE X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro, even though Telstra are launching the X10 Mini Pro in August as well. Seems like small devices are all the rage.

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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The screen is lower res than my old iPhone 3G (from 2 years ago), and perhaps more importantly has a slow CPU.

As much as I love Android, its not well enough optimized to run nicely on slow CPUs so I cant imagine anyone enjoying this phone.


Does anyone know what price this will be when launched?

your review on LG optimus sounds like a better package on a $19 cap in terms of base hardware?

600Mhz vs 528Mhz

Depends on pricing for each?


Geeze, calling it awful is a huge stretch. Come on, it’s still a nicely made, well specced mid range phone. I would get one if it just bumped the screen res up a bit. As it stands it’ll fill many people’s needs. Awful… man, some people need to think about what OTHER people may want from a phone rather than just what they do.

Marné Prinsloo

It can’t be called as mid-spec if the resolution itself is well below the first Android phone that was released 2 years ago (G1). Even then, the first iPhone already had 480×320 back then.

This is supposed to be budget/low-spec.

I mean, I would understand if X10 Mini had to use 320×240 due to its small screen. But for a 3.2″, 320×240 will look as ugly as my iPaq that I bought in the early 2000’s.


Yeh, this phone is awful really.. it would have to be extremely cheap to even be worth considering.


If it weren’t for that low, low resolution of 320×240 I’d want this phone… 480×320 is as low as you’d want to go I think.


Exactly. On a 3.2″ screen, it makes no sense why they would drop the resolution to QVGA. You might as well buy a Magic.


Is this going to be an exclusive?