So only hours ago did I post a review on the LG Optimus, now news has arisen thanks to our friends at Techanist, that it will be available through Optus from the July 23rd, that being when the Telstra exclusivity deal on the Optimus ends.

I quite like what Optus will do in terms of plans. They will release it on the $19/mo Max Cap which includes $70 of credit. This is the type of plan the Optimus is made for, not a $49 plan or $509 outright. Take note Telstra, you have a lot to learn. Hit the break for a plan comparison.

Plan Comparison

  Telstra – $49 NextG Cap Telstra – $30 Cap Optus – $19 Max Cap
Contract 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months
Monthly cost $49 $30 $19
Included Credit $400 $25 $70
Data Allowance 200MB $5 100MB
Call cost/min (flagfall) 80c (37c) 92c (27c) 90c (35c)
SMS 25c 25c 25c
Minimum Cost $1176 $720 $418
Other     Unlimited Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace & eBay

Source: Techanist.
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Unfortunately the one thing you can guarantee is that Telstra will NOT “take note”. ‘Competetive’ is not in their thesaurus…


Looks like poor build quality, so ‘plasticy’!


509$ for a phone with a resistive touch screen, and only 3″ screen!!!
these guys must be DREAMING!!!
this is one ugly looking phone…


cool, now we just need something in the $29 range that isn’t tiny. The Aria would be nice. P.S Buz where has the login gone?


It’s nice that they’re releasing more Android phones onto the market, but does this really offer anything over the Motorola Quench? (apart from the fact that the Quench is still only running Android 1.5)