Tuesday , March 20 2018

HTC Legend back in stock over at Vodafone

No AMOLED shortage here. 10 days later and Vodafone have already got plenty more HTC Legends for their online store and still showing AMOLED as the display, so no sneaky moves were made to swap it for Super LCD (unlike what might be happening to Telstra). Also no price drops either, so you’ll still have to fork out the $49/mo to have one.

So go on, get in and grab one before Vodafone “EOL’s” them 😉

Source: Vodafone Store.

Buzz Moody  

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2 Comments on "HTC Legend back in stock over at Vodafone"

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Valued Guest

Received mine 9am Monday morning by courier from Vodafone Direct Sales.

It’s great so far, and the $49 cap now comes with 500MB of data included.

Valued Guest

not for $49 they wont be selling

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