Do you own a HTC Hero from Harvey Norman? Want Android 2.1? Now you can get it thanks to HTC finally (after many delays) releasing the Eclair update.

The update can be received by going to Settings -> About phone -> Software update

Tell us how it goes!

Source: HTC AU Support.
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The Don

Hi Premal, The only thing I could think of is to uninstall some apps that will be taking up system memory. (You can always re-install them after the update.) Other than that I would try contacting HTC.
Sorry I couldn’t be any more help.


@ The Don : I tried to follow the same steps as you said by changing the date to late august 2010 and i got instant message to download the firmware. But as soon as i tried downloading, it showed Andriod System Recovery page & said Installation aborted.
This has happened everytime I tried to install the firmware, I am unable to fix that problem, have got mobile data allowance & wifi both, still it doesnt work out.. can u help me out?

Ryna Second

As soon as I updated to 2.1, my wifi ceased to function. Even when I turn it on manually, it says its on, but no icon appears in the top bar and no network activity is found.

Contacted HTC, told me to do a soft reset, still doesn’t work… grrr.. waiting to hear any follow up replies from HTC

Wondering if I download the 2.1 firmware again (via mobile internet) and do a re-install would fix anything?


been running 2.1 on Hero for day now. only one or two little issue to report. auto sync on calender needs to be ticked as it did not automaticly happen in the update. Manage Applications has not been opening. tries and then Force close. this will be an issue later on, i just know it. any help

The Don

You will probably have to wait till it is scheduled for your phone, unless you do the following to ‘force’ the update. Go into settings -> date / time, disable the automatic network box and change your phones date to end August 2010 or later. You should be given a box that allows you to press “Download Now”. Could take a couple of minutes, I got mine almost instantly. Your phone will then download a 3.5MB update and install it. This update does some small changes and prepares for the 2.1 update. The reboot takes forever 5-10 minutes, don’t panic!… Read more »


Why can they do it for the hero and not for the 32A Magics?