It’s not like this news is out of the blue, since it was in the roadmap we were told about. But none the less it’s great to have a timing of release.

One of our readers contacted us saying that a Three Support Rep informed him that the Galaxy S (see our review) would be available from early next month, if he wanted to upgrade his handset. As for pricing, nothing has been suggested as of yet, but we’re thinking that VHA would be pushing it to above the $49/mo that Optus are offering. I think it’s fair to say that Telstra won’t be offering it that low when they release the Galaxy S sometime next month also.

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Spoke to Vodafone man at Southland here in Melbourne last Friday and he said they were expecting the Galaxy to be offered in the next week to week and a half…..


That sounds similar to my wife’s report from yesterday – she asked a Vodafone rep about the HTC Desire and HTC Wave and he told her to wait for the Galaxy, then said that nothing is for sure but it might be available in September.


I think the exclusivity deal that Samsung has struck with Optus for a further month may be prohibiting VHA to release it in August…not sure how Virgin got around it however :p

I’m eager to get this, but running short of patience…thankfully I haven’t reached the desperate stage of just signing with Optus


Virgin is owned by Optus


Vodafone did know what I was talking about, but couldn’t tell me any ideas on plans or dates

So much conflicting and misinformation! It’s doing my head in


I just got off the phone with 3 who had absolutely nothing to tell me, and didn’t even know what Android was, so I might chalk that up to ignorance rather than a lack of plans to release


Just got off the phone with a 3 rep. He’d been told that 3 & Voda would launch the Galaxy the first week of August with ‘attractive plans’ and possibly 3 months usage free.


How long were you on hold for 😛 ?


That would be great if its true, I called both Vodafone and 3 sales departments today, but neither admitted to know any details about a possible release. Vodafone rep knew about Galaxy S, but he specifically said its not going to happen in the foreseeable future. 3 rep on the otherhand said he doesnt have any details. Now I’m wondering… is it going to come out next month or not ?


I heard its coming out on the $79 cap from a store rep… =/ the wave is on the 49 cap though


Ouch! That would be hurting. I’m currently on a $29 cap which together with $10 for a phone and $8 for data is comparable to $49 cap which includes data (eg the N900 offer from Crazy John) but $79 cap would mean a premium of $720 extra over two years just to have the phone. Too dear for me, I reckon.

Does the Wave run Android 2.2? Not as far as I can research right now.

Thanfor the update.


It definitely is bigger than the pictures make it out to be, yet not too big. 🙂 Can’t wait for this to come out on 3!!


Today I had a chance to play a bit with one on a mall stand which resells both Optus and Virgin. This screen is huge (which I liked :). But they didn’t have connectivity so I couldn’t test browsing properly and it was stuck on a stand so I couldn’t test “pocketability”.


Word is that Virgin have run out of these and have backlog of 200 on order.


(I hope it’s OK with the site moderators to have this discussion here).

What concerns me about Optus is not just the cost but the service. My experience with them is over two years old but a co-worker who went with them just to get the phone he wanted couldn’t wait for the contract to terminate and leave them, just like me, and that’s current.


I’ll wait to find out what Vodafone offer but if it is more than Optus then it will be so long…..can’t imagine they would do that though pricing is usually competitive with Optus and most likely Virgin will have the Galaxy at about the same time…so roll on capitalism


Watch out people. The social plans from Optus are being phased out and replaced with max cap plans which have higher excess data usage costs, more expensive voicemail and most importantly no unlimited youtube. So get it while you can


Hanging on hearing the price. I’d really like to stay with 3 but if Optus is cheaper I’ll definitely move. I’ll just have to wait another couple weeks to find out I guess!


they don’t offer it at $49 they’ll just lose people to optus. The optus social plan still have free youtube and facebook …


I’ve been with Optus before I moved to 3 two years ago and was very disappointed – Optus’ network was slow and the bills were twice as high as I expected when I joined. With 3 both problems didn’t exist and I’m a very happy customer using the Nokia E71 at $29 cap + $10 for the phone (24 months contract, you can get them for free on $29 plan these days). If I could keep the current service and just upgrade to the i9000 at a reasonable cost that would be ideal. The question for me is how the… Read more »


I am also eagerly waiting for it to come on either 3 or Vodafone; coz I don’t want to switch to Optus, although Virgin might not be a bad idea, SGS can be bought on Virgin for 59 with 2Gigs of data, but only $270 calls.
For offline GPS navigation check co-pilot for Android, their latest version with Australian maps sells for 40EUR (roughly 58AUD). But I have no idea how it would compare to Nokia maps though, I’m a big fan of Nokia maps too.