Good news HTC Magic (32B) owners, Vodafone will indeed be updating your device beyond Android 1.6 with a planned update coming later in the year. Vodafone are still in talks with Google on specifics such as timing of the update, but no version number has been confirmed.

Let’s hope it’s 2.1 🙂

Source: Ausdroid Forums.
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My Magic got updated OTA to 2.2.1 last night. All I can say is about time!


Would the author care to comment?

Buzz Moody

G’day, no other word from Voda other than the comment from Dave in the source link of the post. They still have a few months to work with before the years end.


But they don’t really have till the end of the year as we should have had 2.1 a long time ago according to the vodafone website for the htc magic which says; “Vodafone & Google will push out firmware upgrades to Vodafone HTC Magic customers so that customers will always have the latest software improvements on their device.”

Android 1.6 is hardly the latest software.


Well… Why hasn’t this happened yet? Now September!


Even 2.0 would be fine. But fingers crossed its 2.2 (Goolgle’s development phone (Google Ion) is pretty much a Magic and it works on that fine)


Hell yeah great news love it


UGH! About time!


FYI – Vodafone Magic’s are 32B, not 32A. Three has the 32A Magic.

Any idea if this means the 32A with Three will also get an update? They still run 1.5.