Above is the picture sent into Techanist and shows Vodafone branding being attached to the sides of the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro box and are currently arriving to Vodafone Stores for you guys to snap up.

The X10 Mini Pro is available for $0 on a $29 plan over 24 months. So if you were liking the X10 Mini but wanted a physical keyboard, here’s your device.

Also, I will be getting a review unit next week, so expect a review soon 🙂

Source: Techanist.
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Still Android 1.6 is it ?


Yep sure is.


Yep still using mine daily (still own a Nexus). I think the next version of this phone in this form factor will go off! If SE can bring the next version of this form factor out in a years time with an improved screen, faster processor and maybe even more battery life.. I’ll buy that one too.

Still, can’t wait for this to get rooted and have some real fun.


Also had a play when the s/e rep came into the shop where I work. Bloody awesome little thing. Runs very fast and for the first time s/e didn’t ruin the UI. the keyboard is a huge improvement over the T9 on the mini. Sure I already have a nexus but for the price its a real winner! just remember to get it on Optus 😛


Awesome . . . I’d like to play with this, should be an improvement over the virtual numpad