Virgin & Optus sold out of the Samsung Galaxy S

We’ve received word from multiple workers at Optus & Virgin saying that their stores have completely sold out of the Galaxy S, and Virgin actually have a backlog of over 200, I would imagine Optus would be around the same, if not more.

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That now means that two of the best Android phones in Aus, the HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S, are becoming harder to come by.

Last modified on 24 July 2010 12:56 pm

Buzz Moody: @buzzmoody

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  • O yeh, Optus and Virgin didn't have eyes or anything off the ball. All these deals was advertised back in June (hence how I got mine in early July). Its like the iPAQ (another Optus launch even for a PDA) back in early 2000! supply and demand! :)

  • I feel for you guys :) I've had my Galaxy S since july 2nd and had a sweet deal on the social 59$, They gave me free 3 months for first year of access and some other junk that I can't remember above the normal :) It was a 7 day only web deal that ended on July 4th :) . Anyhoo, You guys will LOVE the device! Faster CPU/GPU then Desire (fastest phone currently in the world incl iphone 4)and Froyo(beta) has already been leaked out. Just hang in there a little longer guys! I promise it will be worth it!

    BTW guys, You do relize that Virgin is actualy Optus? they brought out the shares back in 2007 so hence reason why they both have this deal

  • I just realised the iphone is now out. Is this why Optus and Virgin have their eyes off the ball? Too busy with that nonsense?

    • No only Optus, it seems that Vodafone is busy with it as well!

      Does anyone know when Vodafone will have the Galaxy S?

  • Virgin need to get off there asses and get some other options from HTC then they wouldn't have to leave customers disappointed.

  • Someone on the whirlpool forums has just said;

    "Just got off the phone from Virgin again and was told Aug 6 they can start shipping them out so we're looking at 2nd week of Aug before we can get our hands on the Galaxy people!"


  • Ordered the phone on 21/07. haven't received it yet. rang optus and been told out of stock. going for holiday soon, dont know how i am gonna get the phone before then.