Optus has indeed dropped the price of the Xperia X10 to $49 on their Max Cap. That’s a massive $30 off the price, and lower than all competitors. Hit the source link to head to the Optus online store.

Once the iFail iPhone 4 has been released on the 30th, the price of a few Android Device should be dropped across all carriers.

Source: Optus.
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Jeff Wassel

X10 is Killa


I dont see the Galaxy S being lower than 49 anytime soon seeing the cost price to dealers. Lol. Trying hard to get those x10’s out the door. Back in December i said it would be a flop and sure enough… S/e’s latest range is an all round let down. The only one I’ve seen with promise is the x10 mini pro. Dont know if its at all optus dealers but on 49 with x10 you also get a free PSP to sweeten the deal.


just saw an allphones add for the Galaxy S for $0 on $49 cap aswell