First it was Optus lowering the price of the Xperia X10, now Virgin are to follow suit. From August 1st the X10 will be available on the $49 ‘Smart Cap’ for $0.

The cap includes $270 cap credit, unlimited texts to any national network, unlimited calls to other Virgin mobiles & a massive 2GB of data.

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Virgin Man
10 years ago

This is not correct

10 years ago

If you can figure out how to tether your phone to your laptop then it is well worth it!

10 years ago


I’m currently on $20/mo for $25 Rollover Plus – $50 calls/300mb data.

Who thinks the extra $4 a month is worth an extra $220 in calls, unlimited texts* and an extra 1.7gb in data? πŸ˜›

I rarely use more than $50 in calls because most of my calls are to my wife whose also on Virgin. I’m currently finding it pretty hard to chew through only 300mb of data, so is $4 really worth it? It’s very tempting… πŸ™‚

10 years ago