Update: New video of the HTC Ace after the break!

Not all that long ago we asked you if you’d be interested in a GSM variant of the HTC EVO 4G, and it’s safe to say there is a lot of interest there.

The picture above is the first live shot of the HTC Ace in it’s full glory, and it’s looking mighty fine. Finally HTC have made a device that uses the screen to take up the whole front of the device, leaving space only for the touch-sensitive buttons. As you can tell it’s still in development phase, although I’m sure it won’t be long before it we hear something official, as there is a lot of support for it. The alleged specs are listed below!

  • 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen
  • 800x480px
  • Android 2.2
  • 8MP camera
  • 1Ghz processor
  • 720p video recording
  • 4GB of storage built in
  • Aluminum case
  • e-book reader

So I’ll ask again, who’s interested?? Hit the break for the video.

Source: MoDaCo Forums.
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@ Spik3ballon ….your brain has a watermark!!


Picture should have been posted with a warning

!!WARNING!! subliminal apple logo




Nice catch! lol


strange it says “htc confidential” and the picture was taken with an iDrone


Jimmej, have you seen an “iDrone” for real? I did the other day and I almost wished I hadn’t. Forgetting it’s quirks and shortfalls for a moment, it is WAY AHEAD of anything else in the marketplace in terms of hardware. The build is sensational and the screen is miles better than the Desires. I appreciate this is an Android site but it had to be said. Apple has layed down a marker and HTC and others MUST catch up; what’s the point of the Galaxy S having a stunning screen and whizz-bang innards when EVERY reviewer points out that… Read more »


Graham you missed my point that HTC took the picture with an iPhone… Anyways… My problems with iphone is not the build quality (although i’d say my galaxy s is more robust), or the screen (which i am sure is great). I also agree that apple took the lead and android devices are following. My problem is with apple, and lack of freedom that it gives. Apple where the same with their computers, they were the market leaders. Others chased them for years. Then IBM made the IBM compatible PC. Time will tell which device breed is superior… PS. I… Read more »


HTC didn’t take the picture; that’s a watermark on the device…


To rooted users on SGS, try getting SetCPU and set CPU scaling to ‘OnDemand’ or ‘Performance’ instead of the default ‘Conservative’ and your phone will really fly. Besides that… HTC Desire HD looks amazing. But highly doubt HTC will release this with Gingerbread. HTC always releases phones with outdated software. By the time Desire got released, Nexus One users were already enjoying pre-releases of Froyo. So don’t expect HTC to release this with Gingerbread. They’ll launch it around the time Gingerbread is going to be released, but it’ll have Froyo on it with Gingerbread promised in 3-4 months.


I lost my phone (HTC Dream) in the worst time possible 🙁
Now i have no clue which phone to get!
if this was out already, it would have been an easy choice.

I really don’t want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S, even though it’s the best hardware (crappy UI) out there!


@Simon – I’m no expert but if the UI is the only point you have against the Galaxy S then I think there are quite a few discussions on the web (in this blog and forums too) about how to get rid of the extra junk which comes with the phone, and I think also how to install a vanilla Froyo on it if you like.


Thanx for the reply, i’ve been following this phone for a while (minus last week coz i was on holidays). I was happy when i found out that cyanogen has picked up the phone to make roms for, and xda developers have a Galaxy S section now, but things have stopped there! 🙁 I’m pretty sure that no custom roms with froyo have been released for Galaxy S, only some firmware updates to fix GPS problem. I saw that with root access, it’s possible to get rid of all the junk that optus will put with the phone. Its sad… Read more »


Wait a minute. You need a rooted ROM just to get rid of TouchWiz? Just install LauncherPro or ADW man. That’s enough to get rid of the worst part of TouchWiz (the Launcher). The remaining part of TouchWiz isn’t all THAT bad. Besides, the only thing about Android you can’t change is the hardware. And you agree that SGS has the best hardware. That should be reason enough to get it. Froyo will be out for SGS soon. It’s just a matter of time (a month or so). You could get the Nexus One now with 2.2 and be stuck… Read more »


“As you can tell it’s still in development phase…”

Guess I’ll be getting the Desire in August then. I don’t want to wait 3+ months for the Ace. Looks great though.


It looks awesome as I mentioned in the forums (http://forum.ausdroid.net/thread-257-post-2192.html#pid2192) I just hope it comes with Gingerbread and a slightly faster processor and more on board memory. That’ll make my life complete :D.

Either way I’m very happy to see this phone should bring great competition to the market.