Tuesday , October 17 2017

Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again

Reports coming from Techanist, Virgin, Optus as well as emails to me are positive signs that Samsung’s popular Galaxy S is finally being delivered to stores and to people who have ordered online. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, there’s plenty of incentive given all the price drops going on.

[Pic: Techanist.com]  

Buzz Moody  

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4 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again"

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Valued Guest

mine arrived last friday after wating weeks with Virgin.

Valued Guest

yeah my g/fs that she ordered a few weeks back just got delivered to optus for her to pick up today, now she wont keep taking mine, yay!

Valued Guest

Really then I won’t let my g’friend to buy one of these because I want her to keep taking mine 😉

Valued Guest

Come on Telstra where’s your version!!


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