Thursday , March 22 2018

Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again

Reports coming from Techanist, Virgin, Optus as well as emails to me are positive signs that Samsung’s popular Galaxy S is finally being delivered to stores and to people who have ordered online. If you haven’t ordered yours yet, there’s plenty of incentive given all the price drops going on.


Buzz Moody  

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4 Comments on "Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again"

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Valued Guest

mine arrived last friday after wating weeks with Virgin.

Valued Guest

yeah my g/fs that she ordered a few weeks back just got delivered to optus for her to pick up today, now she wont keep taking mine, yay!

Valued Guest

Really then I won’t let my g’friend to buy one of these because I want her to keep taking mine 😉

Valued Guest

Come on Telstra where’s your version!!

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