PC Authority is reporting that Telstra will be releasing the HTC Wildfire as a prepaid phone, which is a first for Telstra. Another first for Telstra is good pricing, asking for only $349 per device starting August 24th. The Wildfire will first be available from Fone Zone and later through [T]Life stores.

White & Black will be available from September 28th and 6th respectively.

For people interested in plans, Telstra will be offering it for $0 on the $49 cap. The same cap as the Desire.

Source: PC Authority.
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Michal Vanwingerden

Wholly crap batman! this will definately turn my night into somethng other than boring ole tv time. Thank you.

wildfire owner

I’m a ‘quickly-to-be’ htc wildfire user from Kenya. I’ve been doing a little analysis on this phone and i’ve found it to be the very best funds-smartphone.I am now able to order it, unlocked obviously, since it hasn’t but began being offerd in my country. The only huddle yet to be falt with is findinga reputable firm keen to export overseas, particularly to Africa. Thus far the only web site i’ve found is expansys.co.uk.


These are hitting T Life stores now

Gregory Opera

The HTC Wildfire is NOT be “the first prepaid smartphone on Telstra” – there was the Palm Centro (the first “real” pre-paid smartphone from Telstra) and there have been a couple of Symbian OS-powered devices (starting with the infamous Nokia N-Gage, and most recently with the Nokia 6120 Classic) available on Telstra pre-paid over the years (Symbian OS-powered devices are smarttphones)… The first Android-powered smartphone yes; the first smartphone, no.


Given the outright price I was hoping for it on a better plan. How about a $29 cap. I would actually buy from Telstra if that was the case.