It seems Samsung and its customers aren’t 100% happy with the performance of the GPS within the Galaxy S. Come September there should be an OTA update to fix their global Galaxy S range and push the GPS hardware to its limits.

During out time with the Galaxy S (Review / Q&A) we did have some troubles with the GPS not getting a fix on our location even when we stood in the middle of a footy oval. Good to see Samsung acknowledge the problem and work on a fix for it’s huge range of Galaxy S devices worldwide.

Source: Phandroid.
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Did this fix ever eventuate?

Lovint It

It would be a better use of time to resolve the lag that the mobile has rather than the GPS.


Use LauncherPro – it’s free and freakingly fast 😛


Lucky I got the HTC Desire then, a good GPS was a must for me.
Went for a bike ride over the weekend and using the app from I mapped the course and got all my stats.
I was impressed how accurate it was.
Wifey was looking at the Galaxy


The HTC Desire had GPS issues when it was first launched too. That being said it only took Telstra 1-2 weeks to come out with a fix. Its taking Samsung too long to get their act together.


If Samsung want to break into this market they are going to have to get this phone very right with 2.2. I hope they can do it. They will be the next google or Microsoft if they can.


hope they fix Kies too …