There are a lot of new Android Phones making their way on to the market, and a lot of them just aren’t “The One“. So we’re wondering, what specs would your dream Android Phone have, and possibly why?

Do you prefer a bigger screen? If so, what size? Fast processor, what speed? So go on, let your imagination run wild, but try to keep them as realistic as possible 🙂

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    David Griffiths

    I’m not too savvy with specs regarding processors and so on, BUT… my “dream” phone would have to have at least 4.3″ screen, a mSD card slot, the power button at the top of the device, the headphone jack at the bottom and the USB port at the bottom too. It should have a standard USB port, and none of this MTP bullshit. Mass Storage Device mode! Or at least the choice to use MSD. The camera on the back shouldn’t jut out of the device like a wart, and the battery needs to be removeable.

    Pan Bankowy

    iPhone killer! yes! yes! yes!


    THIs is my Dream phone

    25″ USAMOLED (Uber Super AMOLED) Screen (just as big as a pocket)
    a good 23ghz 16 core processor
    25tb of storage
    Android os X.9
    AWesome edition would be nice


    Basically a Samsung Galaxy S but with a Pico Projector and Camera flash. I know the Samsung Galaxy Beam seems to satisfy the requirment, but stupid samsung put a slower old processor in it! Coulda been the perfect phone 🙁

    Cheat Hacker

    as far as I know. Processor on Galaxy S out perform many Android phones on the AUS market.,39050603,62200389,00.htm


    1TB Internal Storage
    5Ghz Stock 6-core CPU
    Battery life Over 9000
    24gb Ram
    Android Gingerbread
    9000 megapixel camera

    that is all

    Cheat Hacker

    Is that for a phone or a Server ?


    i’ve never swapped out an sd card… just put the memory to internal.
    mini HDMI out VERY important.
    Nexus One bootloader.
    Dedicated graphics chip.
    4.3″ screen
    Nexus one multi color Trackball a MUST. android needs the ball. optical blows.
    Metal case.

    Gregory Opera

    Honestly, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is pretty much right on the money…

    To be perfect, the Xperia X10 would need:
    * Significantly-longer usage times.
    * Physical keyboard.
    * 32GB+ of INTERNAL storage (seriously, why does NO ONE except Apple do this???).

    Add those things and yeah, the Xperia X10 would be pretty much perfect in my opinion!


    I want a psp-phone with:
    720p capacitive touch screen ~4″
    at least 6 hours continuous usage on battery
    tegra gfx (or better)
    native 720p mkv with subtitle support
    8gb internal storage
    hot-swappable micro sd
    bluetooth compatible with ps3 and accessories


    Max i’ll pay is $1000 AUD for a phone that has to last atleast 2 years (Epic 4G specs will do it for me).

    The HTC Dream has served me for 2 years easily, and with Cyanogen Roms, i loved every minute of those 2 yeas. (unfortunately i lost it at the snow, and now i’m using a shitty old nokia! untill Epic4G is released on GSM)


    -> 4-Inch Capacitive Touch (1280×720 res)
    -> Must have physical keypad/keyboard
    -> Either 2Ghz single core or 1.5Ghz dual core processor
    -> GFX chip similar/better in performance to SGS
    -> Android 3.0
    -> 5/8/10/12/higher? MPixel Cam with Flash of some sort
    -> 1080p recording or 720p I don’t mind
    -> Battery life that lasts at least a day (8 hrs) with heavy, heavy usage

    Oh, and it’s gotta look good…


    Not going to be specific like others but about “what I care about?” and less about “what specific technology of the day I’d like to have?”: 1. Large enough screen to read reasonably well. The Galaxy S looks like the right size (without too much experience) 2. Pocketable – if I can’t put it in my front pocket and walk/seat comfortably I won’t carry it with me all the time. The Nokia E71 was an excellent example in this regard. 3. Battery life – at least a couple of days without having to recharge. I’m coming from the Nokia E71… Read more »


    A slightly bigger mini xperia mini x10 pro with a 320×480 screen running android 2.2

    Love the slide out keyboard (but why no up and down cursor buttons?) – Can’t stand touchscreen only phones, they always feel vague and unresponsive. I really miss real buttons on modern phones. Call me an old man if you like, but I like my ‘phone to give me real tactile feedback.

    Hardware buttons for back and forward while browsing please!

    Waiting for more mid-size devices (similar size to LG optimus, but not so budget spec).

    Why are phones getting bigger!?


    Something like a vivaz pro running andriod?


    I’m with you on this, I shifted from an e71 (best phone Nokia has ever made!) where I could get 3 to 4 days battery life with reasonable usage and found that it was pretty much the perfect size for a handset. I moved to the Galaxy S after I had network coverage issues and had to change network, and I’m only just coming to terms with the lack of battery life, and I still miss the tactility of the physical keyboard…


    Everyone has covered everything. I own a SGS and thats pretty much perfect.
    What it needs is:
    – Camera with xenon flash plus 3x optical zoom
    – Free-to-Air Digital TV receiver



    …and I am happy with the size and weight of the Desire, so my preference is to make the screen, the OS, and the 3G radio more efficient, rather than making it larger and heavier.


    A better battery!

    And after that, a better trackball/optical joystick, or software that makes them redundant.


    Oh, otherwise I’d settle for a Galaxy S that doesn’t look like an iPhone KIRF running stock Android 2.2!!


    I will start with a disclaimer.. I have a Galaxy S and think that it’s the best Android handset on the Australian market at the moment… (though it does have a couple of issues!!), but given that… Start with the Galaxy S specs + Stock Android 2.2 or 3.0 (depending on when the handset comes out) + styling more like the Galaxy S2 pictures + 4″ or 4.3″ 1280 x 720 screen (anywhere between) + physical buttons for call and hang up + physical slide out QWERTY keyboard (but it has to be a GOOD keyboard) + either an optical… Read more »


    also, forgot to mention at least a 1600mAh battery


    4″ Super-Amoled display
    Dual-core cpu (1.2GHz)
    NVIDIA Tegra GPU
    Wireless N Enabled
    Trackball (trackpads are not practical)
    Internal storage of at least 16GB
    Top-end Speakerphones (not tinny ones like current crop)


    Name: HTC Thor – 4.3″ Capacitive AMOLED (@ amazing screen resolution) – HDMI video/audio output – 3.5 audio jack – QWERTY keyboard – Hardware android navigation buttons – Optical track-point – 8MP camera with push (and half-push autofocus) hardware camera button – Front facing VGA camera – Dual core 1.2GHz Qualcom processors (upcoming) – 1GB RAM – 4GB Internal system memory – Internal memory partitions x 4 for up to 4 different ROMs (don’t even know if its possible) – 2 x MicroSD card slots (up to 32GB each) – 802.11a/b/g/n wifi – Bluetooth 3.0 & AD2P – FM radio… Read more »


    Any phone with the latest Google Navigation available for Australia would make me extremely happy.


    I don’t really ask for much, just: Hot-swap micro sd slot Micro HDMI with support to output video from any app micro USB OTG >=4.5in screen (326 PPI) Super AMOLED Xenon flash >=5MP camera with glass optics, lens cover, low light sensitivity VGA front facing camera hot-swap microSD 3.5mm headphone jack Hummingbird processor >1500mAh battery Hardware camera button with half press auto-focus Physical back, menu, home and search buttons Dual band n wifi =>8GB internal storage Hot-swap microSD Stock android >=2.2 with updates straight from Google ala N1 (or else unlocked bootloader) Kickstand Bluetooth 3 with HID support 720p video… Read more »


    – 4.6″ screen (know it’s getting into the tablet side, but maxamizing ) – 1280×720 res – 1.5GHz-2Ghz Dual-core Scorpion CPU – 32GB internal memory (next-gen microSD compatible expandable up to the new standards maximum size) – 5MP Camera (with a really decent lens and processing firmware) – 1080p video 30fps (720p @ 60fps option) – Front camera (2mp – decent lens) – Battery to last a day with intense use (ability to change battery with a spare) – Android 3.0 – Plain Android Interface – No pre-installed bloatware (option to install later) – Graphics accelerator 30% better than Samsung… Read more »

    Peter Cupitt

    I love Desire’s size and layout, so I would love to see this kept. I would love to see internal memory equal to the largest removable memory size (currently 32Gb). I am aware that HTC is working on a 2Ghz chip, so I would love to see this as well. I. Would expect the AMOLED display but the current size on the Desire is a great balance between form and function. It would also require the latest and greatest version of Android (of course).
    This has been entirely submitted from my Desire.
    “Long live the Desire.”

    Kyle H

    A HTC desire.. But with a slide out keyboard and a keypad instead of the obnoxious laser trackpad. Droid 2.2 and a little more storage space to work with, 500 mb (most of which used up by operator “bonuses”) isn’t enough and a larger battery capacity.

    Maybe even a more powerful processor. Even if it’s just a small bump up.


    My perfect Android phone already exists, the Samsung Galaxy S Pro (a.k.a Epic 4G).

    Shame its CDMA only… Might need ta move to the U.S.


    -4″ Screen (for me anything bigger is too big, going to have a tablet anyway)
    -HD resolution
    -2Ghz dual core cpu with smart power management
    -32gb internal storage
    -2gb ram
    -5mp camera with a decent lens
    -Dual LED flash
    -3mp front camera
    -2500 mAh battery (should get 2 days out of that
    -Some new and cool UI


    That rumoured HTC Desire HD, with a good camera + flash.
    AND it could last 2 days on heavy use (not sure if that’s realistic)


    Oh, and maybe some good accessories, docking stations


    – 4.3″ screen
    – HDMI out
    – 16GB internal
    – 1.5 dual core cpu
    – 2gb ram
    – 1080p recording
    – 8 megapixel camera with flash
    – pico projector
    – 1+ day battery under heavy use
    – No preinstalled bloatware (Telstra, I’m looking at you)
    – No OS overlay, just Android UI.
    – Good resolution


    I reckon a 4 incl super AMOLED screen with extra resolution; 1.5GHz CPU, 32GB memory, MicroSD slot, flick out USB that you can just stick into any computer to use the phone like a USB stick and to charge the phone.


    Nexus one running ios4

    Waiting for a flogging lol


    Better GPS receivers!! There’s still a marked difference between the in-phone GPS and an external receiver. Don’t know if it’s due to cost or space, but with Garmin etc and the military GD300 unit now on the Android scene things are looking up.


    I have my dream phone already! It just needs a camera flash and some reworking of the software 🙂


    The Samsung Galaxy S is very close to perfect. It needs: – Camera flash – Android 2.2 – Reworked memory configuration to get rid of the lag problems – Battery improvements where possible Alternatively, the HTC Desire with a 4″ screen, front camera, and a better GPU. Contrary to other posts I’m not sure we need to leap ahead in CPU speeds as this just drains the battery faster. 1Ghz already runs the Desire, SGS and Nexus very smoothly especially with Android 2.2. Even when the faster CPUs do trickle in I’m convinced they’ll spend most of their time auto… Read more »


    What about the Millennius Apanda Phone? This is unlocked.

    Buzz Moody

    I’ll have more about this one soon 😉

    Gary W

    I don’t care about the hardware. I want to see a roadmap for upgrades to Android 3 and beyond, and I want no 2-year plan.


    5″ screen, that new 1.5ghz processor that’s been seen on android police etc, the graphics processor from the samsung galaxy s, and the body of the HTC desire… chuck sense on there too…

    kthx 🙂


    Any HTC Android with Front camera and video calling over 3G.

    My last two Motorola flip phones could do Video over 3G, why are modern smartphones hamstrung like this…

    Other than that HTC seem to have everything else sorted. Yeah, O.k. More RAM, faster CPU’s, they would be nice too.


    Longer battery life…


    Pretty much a Droid 2 in GSM (Milestone 2), but with a 160GB or larger hard drive as used in iPods. That would let me get back to a single device. I wouldn’t mind a slightly bulkier device for more battery life, either.


    4.3″ SuperLCD Screen
    1.5GHz CPU (with battery to support at least 1 day of heavy use)
    64Gb onboard storage + microSD slot
    Hardware Keyboard in Candybar format(Yes I know it`ll be a long/wide phone)
    USB Port (Full USB)
    MicroUSB for charging/Syncing
    8-10MegaPixel Camera with 1080P video recording) and Macro Lens
    Thats all I can think of for now


    Actually that’s going nowhere but onto a concept board. That phone won’t ever get manufactured. Everything listed is acceptable but no way will a 64gb onboard memory phone come out in a 4.3″ screen with a full qwerty keypad and USB port. It’ll probably look like a brick if it did. I’m sorry but a USB port is too thick to be on any phone that you don’t want to look like a brick. I’d say 4.3″ Screen. Super AMOLED. Battery to last a day with heavy usage. 1-1.5GHz processor. Preferably a Hummingbird or TI OMAP since Snapdragon blows in… Read more »


    EPIC 4G with stock android, with led notification, and dual led flash.


    a Desire in the Legend body?


    Galaxy S with stock Android 2.2 in a HTC legend body.


    something with all the standard features. My wife just bought the Galaxy S, Great phone… but no flash for the camera, why ???

    And something that keeps you interested during the 2 year contract.


    Galaxy S with a stock Android and that looks less like an iPhone ripoff


    +1 Agreed!! Absolutely love my Galaxy S but it would be cool if it didn’t look so much like the iPhone!!


    droid2 with the nexus one bootloader 🙂


    +1 🙂