As you may (or may not) know, Samsung has created a few variations of the Galaxy S mainly for the US Carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon), although if the news coming from Smarthouse is correct, we may see a different Galaxy S variation hitting Telstra when it announces the device in the near future. Our guess is that they may use the Samsung Captivate (see pic) which is used on AT&T and supports the NextG frequency of 850MHz 3G.

In addition to this, Smarthouse are reporting that Telstra are hoping to launch their Galaxy S with Android 2.2, which is expected to become available from Samsung during September. So if you’re after the Telstra Galaxy S, you might be in for a bit of a wait. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Smarthouse.
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hahaha, telstra are pathetic, still not out. Worst customer service out!

Andrew Oare

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i cant beleive the 3gs clone galaxy S even sold one unit. LOL


Sounds like an iPhone fan. Yeah it’s looks like iPhone 3GS. But 10 times better than iPhone 3GS. And iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 still can’t make 3G video calls.. 😉


word is the Samsung Vibrant’s works on 850Hz also


I wouldn’t believe a word smart house publish, the owner and author of all of the websites and publications is a very well know liar and copyright artist so take what ever you read from there sites and mags with a very small grain of salt. They tend to copy every other major news outlet articles (feel free to reference any article they print/write) or simply make it up! telstra will make there own announcement soon re galaxy s.


Any word on whether VHA will be doing something similar?


I’d get my hopes up, but Telstra will probably price this prohibitively expensive or on a plan with eleventy billion dollars worth of calls and 1 bit of data


I’ve been hoping all along that Telstra would end up with the AT&T version – definitely prefer it to the iPhone-clone design of the optus version


Definitely agree 😀 I hope it comes with an LED flash though >.<


i like the look but no front facing cam and the back cam is ment to be worse quality than the SGS