It may have come a month late, but VHA are expected to announce their plans to add the Samsung Galaxy S to their range of Android devices. The announcement is said to take place within the next week and a half to two weeks according to all our sources. If it’s as successful as it was on Optus & Virgin, I’d want to get in quick!

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Finally – but not really as still no date announced. They hedging their bets so people don’t go to Optus…


Went to the vodafone store in chadstone today, the rep said they had no info about the galaxy s, this means that it is not going to be launched on september 1 since its already 29 today.


Kurt – ill believe it when I see it!!! Fingers crossed though!

I really dont understand how Voda can hold off releasing this early Sep (if they do hold off as per reports above). I can guarantee that if voda dont release it sometime in september (early on) – I will be definately moving off to optus or telstra if they have it!


The Galaxy S is exclusively available with Optus for the first two months of its release. It is expected to be released through Vodafone, Hutchison 3, and Telstra networks as well as an unbranded version on September 1.
Samsung Mobile Support

5 Days to go


What is an unbranded version I wonder?


An unbranded version is one that you can buy directly off the market instead of via a network like 3, optus etc


I spoke with samsung today and i was told that telstra was launching samsung galxy s in early september and vodafone and 3 have pushed their launch date back.They couldnt give me a date.


I spoke to the three upgrades service yesterday and they had no idea. They have 3 months free access when you upgrade before september 30, so I asked them if they knew if this phone would be available before september. “We have no information about any upcoming phones” I don’t know how valuable their input is though.

The cheeky buggers then asked if I wanted to sign up for a 12 month data plan since I would be upgrading in september anyways.

“Not if you don’t have a decent android phone I won’t be”


This makes sense, I mean the reason they are offering 3 months free access till 30 September is because they won’t have the galaxy s till october and they still want to retain customers. They just can’t launch the galaxy s in sept and then continue to give 3 months free access, i mean that would be too expensive for them.



I spoke to a three rep in Perth 2 weeks ago about this phone he told me once optus exclusive expires at end of Aug they will release the phone he said it was 3 weeks away. If they don’t release in first week of September then I’ll have to buy it outright I will not move to optus reception in perth is very bad and virgin uses optus network so no point moving there either!!! I am so sick of waiting I was gonna upgrade my iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 and waited for that to come out to… Read more »


Thanks – think its better than the iPhone?


i do, the screen is just amazing, bright and big. i also love how you can customize it anyway you want. and side loading apps, free navigation and all kinds of goodies. plus the forum here is a great help for tips and rooting and flashing.


Mate you said free navigation, are you talking about google maps or something else


aarrrgghhh… ive been closely monitoring this phone as im with voda and was hoping this was going to come out in september!!! my friends have the new iphone and they keep bagging me and are wanting me to give in to the iphone… i wont!! Ill wait for this samsung and if i must switch to optus to get this phone then so be it!

does anyone have this phone with optus?? is their 3g network crap? reception issues? I live close to Melbourne CBD….


Hey mate i live in Glen Huntly and was with 3, moved to Optus and love it, i get full reception in my place(uses to get 0to 2 bars) and were i would drop calls on the train home with 3 when it would move towers i have no prob with optus. im loving them and the phone


Hey buzz no offence, but are you sure that you are not working for VHA, I mean I am getting a feeling that VHA is spreading all these rumors just to retain customer who would otherwise shift to optus to get the galaxy s now instead of in 2-3 months.


I wonder where did ausdroid get this info from, I mean they day ‘all their sources’ but as it appears all their sources are turning out to be wrong, shouldn’t they be doing some homework before putting up a news like this.
And yes I too called 3 care told them I want to shift to optus because I want the galaxy s and all they could offer me was a htc legend, when I asked them if they were launching the galaxy s they said maybe towards the end of the year.


Since when do three do the htc legend?


Three doesn’t Voda does and they were are practically one


good new and bad news
Good news: three will launch Galaxy S
Bad news: it will launch it in the last week of October (looks like ‘cake’ was right) on the $69 cap.
Source The store manager at three’s clayton store here in melbourne.


Owch, that’s gotta hurt


looks like i’ll be switching to optus/virgin!


grrr late and overpriced. I hope they have a decent android alternative


Yeah $49 with 1GB or no dice


About f*&#$ing time – i really hope they dont stock a crap variant like the Captivate, but stock the Vibrant/Fascinate (?) model that Optus have. And they had better put it on the $49 plan or no dice!


I don’t think so, just got off from ‘three priority customer care’ and they told me that galaxy s won’t be out at least till the end of October. Now I am shifting to Optus (I was on the three for the past 4 years).


Man I hope so!!