All good things must come to an end, and that is indeed the case with Google’s Nexus One ‘superphone’. Dave from Vodafone has confirmed that Voda will not be receiving any more stock for the sold out device, but that won’t stop us from staring at the Nexus One page on Voda’s online store, and remembering all the joy and happiness this device has brought into the geeky world. 😉

If only there would be a device that will fill the void left by this legendary beast..

Feel free to say your goodbyes in the comments.

Source: Dave from Vodafone.
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they can’t daniel. All the dragons are exclusive elsewhere.


Vodafone is really puzzling me lately. They were instrumental in bringing Android to Australia (Dream, Magic), and they’re the only carrier to have a website dedicated to promoting and explaining Android, but they don’t have a flagship Android phone. They made a huge mistake in letting Telstra and Optus stitch them up with exclusives. Vodafone really need to get a 1Ghz Android in stock urgently.


My nexus is great, with the addition of tasker, battery life has improved, and so has my reliance on it. Now I just need to find the settings for ffmpeg to convert the 3gp files


Love mine too, battery life aside it is a great phone.


Nice one Dave, they didn’t even attempt to supply accessories


I think the fact that the device was 6months old and yet still managed to sell out of a rumoured 1500units in a months or so is testament to how good the device is. and this is with no advertising by voda.

I personally love my nexus and it is going to have to be a helluva device that makes me give this up!


3 weeks of sales in australia 6 months after the phone came on sale? No wonder you failed.