I think Notion Ink heard your cries of ‘vapourware’, and have kicked themselves into top gear to get the Adam out and about by the years end. Notion Ink have said on their official blog that they’re hoping to have it cleared by the FCC in Oct/Nov so they’re then able to sell it to the masses. To also keep people interested, vague pricing details were also stated for the four versions of the Adam that will be sold, all those details after the break.

  • Pixel Qi – WiFi ($454)
  • Pixel Qi – 3G ($???)
  • LCD – WiFi ($???)
  • LCD – 3G ($563)

In addition to all this, Notion Ink have started ‘Genesis’, they’re own developer competition to get people developing applications that users would never have thought possible. It’s pretty enticing with a prize pool of around $1,000,000. Can’t for the Oct/Nov to come around!

Source: Notion Ink.
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    I thought the US pricing was $399. I also thought the PixelQi was more expensive too. Only problem with the Norton Ink is there is no access to the Android Marketplace so you have to run their “marketplace” programs. Hopefully the hackers can get around this and turn it into an open product! If they do I’m interested.


    I believe no tablets are allowed access to the official android market yet. Something to do with the specs of the physical devices. Hopefully Google expands the spec list in the coming months and allows access to tablet form factors. Maybe they’ll do it when they release their own 😉


    Yea the rumour is that Tablet support will be around with 3.0 so hopefully then. Of course its probably easy to add the marketplace, its possible for tablets to do it as I have a SmartQ7 that can access the Market place (running froyo)


    Is that US pricing?