We know the Galaxy Tab is in Australia, and we have been told it could be headed to Optus, but now we know that when it does come, there will be plenty of accessories to go with it. The above image shows some, if not all, of the accessories Samsung are planning to supply.

  • Leather Case – $59
  • HDMI Dock – $79
  • Keyboard – $119
  • USB Cable – $??
  • In-ear Earphones – $??

As enticing as they look, the prices seem a tad much. What do you think?

Source: OLED-Display.
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I’d pay $70 for a keyboard. $120 is pushing it.


Pity all the accessories will be “Out of Stock” when they ‘launch’.


I want the Galaxy S Pro!! 🙁 I want some physical keyboard loving!
As for the tab, I’ll be waiting to see wat Google is cooking with chrome tab or android 🙂


I will be very interested in seeing how the keyboard folds etc, if it does.

Could be the beginning of the end of the Net Book if done right.


I dont like the look of that USB to proprietary connector cable.