Update: apparently Australia was “wrongly listed” on the Android Market help website. Well done, Google.. Apologies to everyone who got their hopes up, it seems it’s too good to be true.

Update 2: Australia is no longer listed as a supported country. We’re a tad pissed off to say the least..

Aussie Android Developers can finally submit paid applications to the Android Market. Hopefully this excellent news will stir up some enthusiasm for Developers who previously gave up on Android because of the lack of support for Aussie Devs.

If you’re an Aussie Dev making a quality app for the Android Platform, feel free to post on our Forums 🙂

Source: Google.
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Sure Matt u right ,BUT google blocked out any OTHER sites on new huawei ideos ,maybe they are not the only ones.I cannot download flash player and even if i do go around, the machine doesn’t install it ,no reason given.
The bastards(Google)want to screw all the world joining the biggest mother fuckers like Microsoft.
I’m not a developer just one of the poor users ,which are screwed by all the greedy giants ,the medium ones and by the little,little ones included OPTUS AND all the carriers and (n+1)m others.
Cheers!! Try to be happy:>:>:


LOL! nerd rage is the funniest rage…

Please define “google blocked out any OTHER sites” – on the ideos’s browser?

Go to the website, download the flash player and install. If it doesn’t work, don’t blame google – blame the author!

Mark UK

I really want to buy ChompSMS, a excellent Android SMS replacement from a great aussie developer, but it’s not available to buy via the marketplace, and I am not prepared to use the convoluted workaround with PayPal the author has implemented. (particularly the procedure when I change my phone, that I have to buy it again and submit both PayPal reciepts for a refund of one of them).

Come on Google (or the AU government, which is likely more to blame here).

Matt J.

Yes, it has been very disappointing. First they say they will support it, then they mysteriously and arbitrarily decide they will not. I hate to say it, but this capricious behaviour has already given Google a bad reputation. It will be very hard for them to undo the damage — especially since they don’t even realize it IS damage yet! But in the meantime, I have two suggestions for all of you who want to develop in and sell to Australia. Go to the two major competing markets, http://slideme.org and http://getjar.com. It has already been true for a long time… Read more »


Yeah I’ve got a good friend with bank acct in usa so am thinking of doing same thing. Far from ideal though. Especially with TAX. Want to get into android dev but google is not providing much incentive.


Google Australia don’t care much for Android. Google DevFest didn’t even touch Android :/ Instead they were hellbent about Google Wave which got EOLd a couple weeks later. So you’ve gotta wonder: WTF? Anyways, Google Merchant doesn’t have feilds to allow Australian bank accounts to be entered. In my case, because I bought my Nexus One from Google’s online store while I was in USA and had it shipped to me in USA, Google Merchant treats me like I’m from USA – thus only hurdle I had to overcome was having a bank account in USA…having family abroad can help… Read more »


That sux. What’s so hard about getting google checkout working for Australia. I say the google Sydney office should strike until they sort this out.


This is so disappointing!

Jeremy Koch

super lame.

i’ve found myself asking why bother with android if they want to screw australians over.


that’s weak! Google get your f’ing act together!



Tom Horn



@Simon I just signed up here: http://market.android.com/publish


Try setting up a merchant account – which is what you need for paid apps. Australia is not on the dropdown 🙁

Guess I’ll try again tommorrow.


I just went to register as Google Checkout merchant to be able to sell paid apps, and Australia wasn’t on the drop list to choose from! 🙁

Not sure what to take from that.


This is awesome news 😀
definitely gonna revisit my apps and publish them 🙂
got 2 in the making so far 🙂

Tom Horn

Woot! Perfect timing. I just finished porting one of my iPhone apps to Android. Ship it!


this is great news! finally some google love!

Well, with the rapid rate of adoption of the Android platform amongst Aussie consumers lately, this was inevitable, what better way to expand Android here, than to help support local developers!