First off, a massive thank you to everyone who entered, I never expected to see as many entries as this. Secondly, thank you to MobiCity for supplying us with the LG Eve to giveaway, be sure to head over to their site now to check out their massive Spring Sale.

Finally, our winner.. this person was chosen by their sheer determination (so many retweets!) to win the Eve, so congratulations to…

@Squidgy_G (David)

Your never ending tweets have paid off, well done!

Once again, thank you all for entering. If we’re lucky enough to have another competition in the future it will be run through just the site, no Twitter/Facebook involved, to give everyone an equal chance 🙂

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Enjoy Squidgy! Hey when you get it, can you please confirm that the App store on it is Handster rather than Android Marketplace? Just signed up as a developer on Handster, but you won’t be able to get Australia on the LG Eve as its API Level 7+ (i.e. eclair/2.1 and above).


yeah no problems! 🙂


Thanks so much! Im happy with the LG eve if it means no more Nokia 3200 haha
trying to dm you now on twitter…. not working…